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take it in the pooper! 2000-05-19 12:23:00
by pogo
Well...I get pissed at HP-UX and let the son bitch continue to boot as i sleep (I HAD SOME WIERD DREAMS ABOUT THE SERVER), i wake up in the morning and guess WHAT!?!?! hehe...i gotcha, jack shit happened :) I go take care of my morning duties of lifting heavy lumber, and come back to read. i learn that DHCP can be used to do a remote boot. I almost got this thing working. It boots linux via dhcpd and tftpd. now all i gotta do is get this crazy nfs shit down :)then i will fdisk the FUCK out this drive, rid it of the ghetto HP-UX that refuses to boot, and be on my way to a fully functional PA-RISC server :) just to get my hands on the 20 disk array on ebay. can you say 80 gigs of HD sitting on my floor doing NOTHING :) MUAHAHAHAH. oh.

Take it easy! ZePogo