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There is hope for you! 2004-03-31 17:23:19
by pondera
This is living proof that there is hope for computer geeks. This screen name of the other party was changed to protect the innocent, but the conversation was not altered.

Girl: Ya there
djha20: yeah
Girl: My comp still dosnt work
djha20: kick it
Girl: I have
Girl: Lol
djha20: harder
Girl: No
Girl: I need ur help please
djha20: why
djha20: i don't know anything
djha20: what is it doign?
Girl: It turns on and acts weird freezing up alot and just shuts down
Girl: Its fucked up
djha20: did you call dell ? its under warranty isns't it ?
Girl: Ya they ar arabian and give me the run around they think im stupid
djha20: lol
djha20: did you run a virus scan ?
Girl: The computer shuts down or freezes when i try 2 run it
Girl: Its called mcafee
Girl: Is it helpless
djha20: i don't know
djha20: nothing is helpless
Girl: Ok
Girl: Ill pay u
djha20: lol
djha20: i don't want your money
Girl: Then what do u want lol
djha20: head
Girl: Are u serious
djha20: yes
Girl: I have 2 give u head 2 fix my comp
djha20: yes
Girl: Lol ok
djha20: really?
djha20: i'm seriuos
djha20: no fuckin around ...if i fix your computer you are going to give me head
Girl: I really want my computer fixed i feel like a hooker
djha20: don't feel that way
djha20: i am not giving you money for head
djha20: we are exchanging services
djha20: so we have a deal ?
Girl: Are u that desperate 4 a bj
djha20: no
djha20: do you want your computer fixed?
Girl: Ok
djha20: ok what?
Girl: Ya deal
djha20: will you swallow?
Girl: No
djha20: why not ...that's like me fixing half your computer
djha20: or hiding the mouse so you have to navigate with just the keyboard
Girl: Cause it makes me throw up
djha20: do you want me to bring a bucket ?
Girl: No
djha20: ok fine you don't have to swallow
Girl: Ok
djha20: but i am going to shoot it on your face that ok ?
Girl: Your being weird
djha20: that is my last we have a deal or not ?
Girl: Not
djha20: ok well i have to go ..i'm off work now
djha20: i'll ttyl
Girl: Whatever
djha20: bye
Girl: Why r u pissed
djha20: i'm not
djha20: who said i was pissed
djha20: i was just trying to help you out
Girl: Can i do something else
djha20: like what ?
djha20: i'm up for suggestions
Girl: I dunno
Girl: Take u 2 dinner and a movie lol
djha20: will you give me movie head?
Girl: No im not a slut
djha20: how does that make you a slut
djha20: as long as you aren't giving anyone else in the theater head.....
Girl: I dunno
Girl: Oh ok
djha20: deal?
Girl: I dunno
djha20: what if i throw in some extended tech support?
Girl: Im driving now i cant type and drive
djha20: ok
djha20: just say yes or no
djha20: i gotta go anyway
Girl: Yes but not in the movies
djha20: ok
djha20: we'll work it out later
djha20: cya
Girl: Bye

Re: There is hope for you! 2004-03-31 21:01:52
by stale
Looks like it's time we opened a consulting company.
Re: There is hope for you! 2004-04-02 03:02:05
by caridwen
Looks more like you've opened a really cheap escort service. I mean, if you guys are up for that sorta shit, I'll let the person who buys me a new computer hit it in the butt and cum in my ass.
Re: There is hope for you! 2004-04-02 22:38:09
by forge
I don't know about that. How many computers do you want? I've got a LOT of credit.
I'd own your ass for the rest of your natural life for how cheap they can make computers now. Let me know, i might even be able to take out a loan for that shit.
Re: There is hope for you! 2004-04-03 22:57:11
by caridwen
Forge: Atleast *somebody wants my ass! Oh..
I wish sarcasm translated into text better, but hey.
Re: There is hope for you! 2004-04-05 02:07:40
by pondera
Try italics
Re: There is hope for you! 2004-04-06 11:24:18
by Scrantoine
Damn I've been short-changing myself. I usually ask for food when I fix a girl's computer...think I'm going to step it up.
Re: There is hope for you! 2004-04-16 23:59:04
by Anonymous
you can fix my comp if you give me gay sex.