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Say what? 2003-12-19 14:12:26
by caridwen
Don't be gettin' the idea that I like you guys or somethin', but... Happy Holidays, ya punks.

Re: Say what? 2003-12-19 14:22:27
by stale
Holy shit, a new post!
Re: Say what? 2003-12-19 14:57:29
by forge
My left arm's kinda numb...Oh god, my heart! *collapse*
Re: Say what? 2003-12-21 12:15:17
by pondera
Shit the posts on this board are so old I was wondering if they were going to be appended to the bible.
Re: Say what? 2003-12-21 18:38:24
by vahman
Someone might want to dust the keyboards off at Vectorstar. I don't think the server running the messageboard has had any network activity since Moses parted the Red Sea.
Re: Say what? 2003-12-21 22:34:13
by marasmus
Just to prove Vahman's point....
marasmus@angstful:~% uptime
 22:33:05 up 96 days,  5:21,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
Re: Say what? 2003-12-22 10:05:26
by Moses
Oi Vay!
Re: Say what? 2003-12-22 15:11:43
by caridwen
Well, that's what ya'll get for living in the same house. Why the fuck do you wanna talk shit on a messageboard when you get to do it in person every day?
Re: Say what? 2003-12-22 16:49:56
by stale
Talk shit? Hell, I get to see them in their underwear!
Re: Say what? 2003-12-23 01:53:04
by luuvmuffen
Donít you mean fondle them in their underwear?
Re: Say what? 2003-12-23 13:59:53
by caridwen
Well, not only do you get to see them in their underwear, if you're fast enough you can prolly catch 'em fondling their pets, as well... wether or not this will lead to mental scarring totally depends on which one of 'em we're talking about...