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And so I say again, WTF? 2003-10-29 16:01:28
by pogo
This first link is a definate winner. Check out this peanut. This is a real peanut that was found by a close friend of mine, while playing a game at a holloween party. I think the game was called 'suck the nut' or something like that. This is nut he sucked.

Now this next link isn't exactly 'worksafe'. If you are at work, click this set of links, and get fired, I blame YOU. And now I ask you WTF. Seriously, WTF! Here is a direct link to the main page (incase you are lazy). Just spend a few minutes, and you too will say "WTF?".

And finally, Maddox has it all figured out. Oh yah, before I forget, he is better than your kids.

I forgot to include that HellPanda overhead the greatest conversation ever. Girl1: "Oh my gosh, it is raining and we have to run to the car. We are gonna get all wet." Girl2: "I know, we can go back inside and ask for plastic bags. We can put them on our heads so our make-up doesn't run." Girl1: "We can't do that, they won't give us a bag without buying anything. Besides, the bags would be too small, and our shirts would become see through."

Re: And so I say again, WTF? 2003-10-30 18:24:44
by marasmus
WTF is right, man!
Re: And so I say again, WTF? 2003-10-31 11:55:53
by stale
To Love Somebody
There's a light 
A certain kind of light 
That never shone on me 
I want my life to be lived with you 
Lived with you 
There's a way everybody say 
To do each and every little thing 
But what does it bring 
If I ain't got you, ain't got ? 
You don't know what it's like, baby 
You don't know what it's like 

To love somebody 
To love somebody 
To love somebody 
The way I love you 

In my brain 
I see your face again 
I know my frame of mind 
You ain't got to be so blind 
And I'm blind, so very blind 
I'm a man, can't you see 
What I am 
I live and breathe for you 
But what good does it do 
If I ain't got you, ain't got ?
Re: And so I say again, WTF? 2003-11-03 11:36:10
by vahman