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CompUsa....need i say more? 2000-05-18 18:10:00
by pogo
We all know i purchased an HP 9000 e25. Not everyone knows that i spent most of the night looking for parts for it / help. The HP engineer basically blew me off. It was great! How can a person order manuals for it, if you don't know the part number and HP won't tell you?! So in my infinite quest for a working server, I learned some info. Its a risc machine running at a whopping 48mhz. And so I call a good friend of mine, who tells me he will call me back. I go out and come back to a message with the name of a local vendor who deals in nothing but HP equipment! I give the man a call, and learn that this thing doesn't take any sort of video out, but is controlled via a terminal and this crazy modem deal that hooks to a MUX. NIFTY! Now almost $300 into the machine i learn that there is no OS on the unit! Wh00pie! So i'm off to FINISH digging and to find a *nix that will run on my new HP 9000 e25 server!