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out of commission 2003-09-07 19:45:01
by marasmus
hi everyone,
i wont be available or doing anything on vectorstar for a while. had a motorcycle accident and tore my hands up really bad. the bike's in better shape than i am. the ultimate lesson is toALWAYS wear *all* safety gear when riding- especially gloves!

Re: out of commission 2003-09-07 23:41:13
by toby
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: out of commission 2003-09-08 09:25:15
by luuvmuffen
I second that.......HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!
Re: out of commission 2003-09-09 01:31:38
by vahman
You all should simply be impressed that Laird typed this message. He stopped into work today to pick up some lovely wound medicine (you have to appreciate working for a medical company), and all I can say is he is one tough son of a bitch. His hands are jacked up, but all in all, he looked like he fought the asphalt, and believe it or not, Laird won. He still wants to ride :). I am just glad that it wasn't worse......
Re: out of commission 2003-09-09 09:59:42
by stale
Vahman: Yeah, Laird's hands do look pretty bad, but you're right, it could've been a lot worse. Laird's a champ for still wanting to ride, that's for sure. Laird also looks a little bit like 80's madonna with those cheesecloth, fishnet looking white hand bandages. Like a virgin... hooooooooo!
Re: out of commission 2003-09-10 09:59:11
by marasmus
hell, all you've seen is the gauze... my fingers are unwrapped now, minus the thumb. just wait till i get a hold of the before & after pics from the wound center... they're significantly worse than the example clinical studies they show us at work, and those ones are straight awful!

the worst thingf about all this is that i need assistance to do everything.. can hardly get a glass of water.. figured out some magic to get onto the toilet, but still cant figure out how to wipe my ass! it's an incredibly humbling experience. and jesus chreist does my head hurt, even through the vicodin.

Re: out of commission 2003-09-10 10:58:53
by stale
It's still good to see that you're too proud to keep off the msgboard. You're also too proud to let me open doors for yah, you bastard. I'm totally not wiping your ass though.
Re: out of commission 2003-09-10 13:07:22
by toby
I think this is the only time I have ever seen you make spelling mistakes. I think that we can let it slide considering. Get on to the healing... need some more riding lessons ;-)
Re: out of commission 2003-09-10 13:57:45
by stale
Toby: Only got one bike, so you're kinda S.O.L. Maybe I'll buy a bike soon and we can go out cruisin'.
Re: out of commission 2003-09-10 16:54:34
by toby
Well it will be fun to rebuild the Magna! Kinda meant after that. Although riding with you would be fun also!
Re: out of commission 2003-09-10 17:26:35
by stalesmom
Notice my sonny Stizzale says he wont wipe that poor boys be-hind but says nothing about the fact that he's nice enough to work the boys meat for him. What a good boy I dun raised.
Re: out of commission 2003-09-11 09:02:55
by stale
Damn. Hey, what are good roommates for?
Re: out of commission 2003-09-12 12:08:40
by forge
As long as he can still hold a beer or a shot glass then he's in good shape.
Re: out of commission 2003-09-15 16:53:58
by kmartcowboy
Well since my line of work is about 90% ass wiping, I guess I could do it for you. But I ain't no LPN so if you get constipated I'm not really qualified to dig ya out. Sara said you could put one of those bath sponges on the top of the plunger handle and leave in the bowl after you take a dump... just plop back down on it and you'll get some anal exfoliation.
Re: out of commission 2003-09-16 13:45:18
by marasmus
well thanks chev, i knew i could count on you :) I'll let you know once i'm actually capable of taking a shit... between the pain killers (which constipate) and the two rotated ribs (sounds less painful than "dislocated", but it hurts just as bad) putting agonizing pressure on my diaphragm, i can't manage much of a squeeze. :/

So when are you gonna land your happy asses down here? I'm tryin' like hell to be healed enough to go riding when ya get in. Hopefully the bike will be fixed in a reasonable amount of time. What am I saying? Of course it will be, cause if they fuck with me, everyone knows I'll do worse than the mafia could to the bastard who keeps me from my magna!!
Re: out of commission 2003-09-19 23:58:31
by kmartcowboy
Already gots the job thing worked out just trying to sell our mo-bile home, and get up enough money for the shelter/roof type thingy. Looks like we're going to try to be there before Halloween. Really looking forward to drinking you all under the table you useless city shits. Fear me... for as you all know there is nothing up here to do except practice alcoholism. Needs me a bike, Goddammit!!!!
Re: out of commission 2003-09-22 16:46:58
by stale
You won't need a bike when I clip your knees with my steel bumper of doom!