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Return of the Boomerwang..... 2003-08-18 13:58:58
by chevy
Just letting those of you that know me in on the little secret that we are moving back to the Largo/Seminole area around October. I have been working thru a medical staffing company since April and can make better money down there while I go to school. Besides, while we love it up here we have yet to acquire land of our own or really any sense of stability. We'll come back and buy us a mountain later when I don't have to work too much to enjoy it. Until then it's back to convenient Florida where the Rednecks are fewer and the liquor stores stay open on Sundays. If anyone knows of any good places to look for us a place.. rent-to-own, owner finance, ect. mail me any info you might think is helpful. Oh, and grab your ankles...;)

Re: Return of the Boomerwang..... 2003-08-18 14:36:27
by stale
Yes! Now we can totally play, "Match me for a drink!"
Re: Return of the Boomerwang..... 2003-08-18 14:43:04
by marasmus
OMG!!! I am jumping with glee! This is just TOO cool! It'll be fantastic to have the two of you back in town! You know we'll be out riding every single night of the week... There's already a bike in the garage with your name on it!

If you're looking to rent, the Big T has a cool apartment just north of Ulmerton that was pretty damn cheap. If you're looking to buy, the market value just keeps climbing here as land is at a premium. If you don't mind living further north (near us or a little further north), there's still a lot of land available in north Pinellas, Pasco and west Hillsborough. More open up here anyways - you'd probably like it more than the seminole area.
Re: Return of the Boomerwang..... 2003-08-19 12:11:21
by piercedfreak
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!! We're gonna have to drink 'till the cows come home...then feed them a fifth of jack and keep going with them. Yeah, Laird's right, Liz and I found a killer place on Ulmerton for a great rate (as far as Largo/Seminole goes), but it's a one bedroom and it's an apartment. I'll keep an eye out for a good deal for you though. Unless you want to move out to bumfuck with those losers. I mean, my best friends, not losers.
Re: Return of the Boomerwang..... 2003-08-19 19:10:37
by forge
Don't let that bitch lie to ya, they're all losers. At any rate the biggest of them is right here! We'll have to drink till we can't walk, just have to make sure the bottles are close 'cause ya can't stop there. It'll be good to have you guys back here again.

Can't wait to get the crew together again, it'll be just like when we were in highschool, just without the highschool bitches......oh yea, just like when we were in highschool! Well so much for that idea. Take care, be safe, and get your asses to florida!

Re: Return of the Boomerwang..... 2003-09-02 18:32:16
by FUCK da police
To: stizale aka stalemeat, k-mart cowboy aka lost shampoo cap boy, forge aka the oger and Marasmus aka flamer on weekends. Break out the champagnae Yo daddy is comin home bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I'll be there to drink all you fuckers under the table like last time Tequila hang overs any one?
Re: Return of the Boomerwang..... 2003-09-06 12:44:27
by piercedfreak
why ain't i included?