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I make my mother proud. 2000-05-18 03:43:00
by marasmus
Say hello to VectorStar News v2.0! I've spent about 4 hours straight hacking out the silly perl script for it and converting the old news database to the new format.

You'll notice at the bottom that we have a bunch of silly ass features like news indexing and shit. Unlike the indexing feature that we were using for the last few days, this one is actually USEFUL because the article ID's are static. Also take note to the very spiffy News Search engine i've put in that searches through the news for matching text and shyte.

the facts are that this new news thing is way more powerful, better organized, more memory efficient, easier to manage, and just more 31337 till the end of time now. hail me and gimme $10 to help the pay-for-vectorstar-this-month foundation!