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A good telnet/shell/console App 2003-07-15 13:35:24
by smokey
Been using either putty or what comes with windows (telnet, hyperterm), but I was wondering if anyone had a rec on a good app that can do Telnet/COMM Port type access to devices. I'm really looking for something that has nice Address Book options and is easily configured so I can share it with less intuitive staff. Also, if it had some form of SNMP management features built in that would be nice. I have seen one that I liked (SecureCRT), but it doesn't do SNMP to my knowledge.

Appreciate your input.

Re: A good telnet/shell/console App 2003-07-15 14:21:08
by stale
Might want to check out Procomm Plus and Tera Term. I haven't used either in forever, but they used to be tite.
Re: A good telnet/shell/console App 2003-07-15 18:06:04
by marasmus
You will never find a telnet client that has SNMP management features. SNMP is an overcomplicated drug-induced engineer's nightmare, and no one in their right mind would dare write anything to manage SNMP data or collection. Only the insane and the heavily-drugged do that. Especially for free :)

Nonetheless, Tera Term or Tera Term Pro might do well for ya. It does telnet, ssh, serial port access with a pretty good 'address book'.
Re: A good telnet/shell/console App 2003-07-16 12:12:35
by smokey
Thanks guys! Marasmus, I'll agree with you on the heavily-drugged writing SNMP tools. I actually wasn't looking for a full SNMP management suite, I wanted something that could write configs in a rw community. This has saved me in the past when I couldn't authenticate to a switch or router because of a TACACS+/AAA config problem (we use Cisco Secure ACS/TACACS+ to authenticate to devices). It's not common :-), but it is easy to make a mistake when you have 50 plus devices to worry about. We've built in many redundant ways to still authenticate, including local accounts and console port access, but I still like to have SNMP as a last resort. Many of our devices are in sites with no IT staff so the console port isn't always an option. Thanks for the info on Tera Term. I'll check that one out, I think I've used it in the past. I've personally never been a fan of Procomm though, just to heavy. Was looking for something a little simpler.
Re: A good telnet/shell/console App 2003-07-16 15:04:06
by stale
Heh, Tera Term defines simple man. It's like one step more complex than PuTTY.
Re: A good telnet/shell/console App 2003-07-17 21:31:21
by marasmus
man, procomm hasn't been worth a damn since 2.1 for win3.1. you can safely let that program rot in the grave it's dug for itself.