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I wanna be fred flintstone.. 2000-05-17 22:08:00
by pogo
Well...i got this giant thing on my floor. According to the numbers on the box and hp, it is a server, to me, at the moment, it looks like a fishing boat anchor ;) I gotta some how get a fucking video card for this thing :) My room is a mess as well. I have 7 machines slopped about with with 4 monitors and a fuck load of power cables as well as various books and other shit. I never claimed to be a clean person, but DAMN, there is no room to move :) ima make the new hp 9000 e25 a chair...MUAHAHAHA and the nifty RAID(?) storage array a foot rest :) not really..

moral of the story, if you see a cool server looking thing, and you buy it, eat shit, it ain't gonna be happy with you ;)