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The Jive Server 2003-06-06 17:16:15
by smokey
Had to share this one.  The Jive Server

Our intro page, in Jive... 2003-06-07 11:59:13
by marasmus

Vectorstah' Networks be some project.

Created an' run by enginai's an' programma's who spend deir day-9-to-5s in da doodad industry, its goal be t' provide da damn quality o' internet service dat da damn doodad industry plum caint provide.

So's-called Community Sites, such as Geocities an' Tripod, laive some lot t' be desired. They flood usa's' webpages wit' advertisements, sell deir 4-1-1 (down low, particular-like deir email addresses) off t' spamma's, an' 'escel at ruinin' da damn radical trust 'espected from some "Community Site". An' they certain-like duzn't have many services t' link sucka's wit' sucka's- da ulimate goal o' some community! We hope t' brin' some bit o' authenticity back into da brainstorm o' internet communities.

Our spida' services have no advertisements. Our email has no tagline ads. We duzn't give out o' sell our usa's' email adresses, 4 no price. We strive t'esploit an' follow every industry standard we kin. Fuckin' A! Our usa's kin 'esploit our services in conjuncshun wit' many otha' standard services an' rehabs. We promote coopuh'ashun wit' otha' systems. True dat. Many otha' "communities" promote service lock-in by only puh'mittin' deir own proprietary tools t' be 'esploited.

Last but certain-like not laist, we wanna provide some environment in which yo' ass kin learn shit fresh an' played out about standards-compliant technology. We run many varieties o' U-N-I-fuckin'-X serva's, all interconnected, all coopuh'atin' wit' aich otha'. Word to yo' mama. We 'esploit standard, jimmey technologies, an' promote da damn 'esploit an' advancement o' Jimmey Source an' Free software, standards, an' protocols.
Re: The Jive Server 2003-06-07 13:34:11
by madhatter
"No one else", 1-27-2003 pragmatism has settled upon some wild mind, once reckless-like free Da liberty o' imaginashun sold 4 placebo security da fires be still burnin' inside searin' against some asbestos tomb so's much time has ticked off, wasted, while dair be plenty o' fuel left t' burn but dese-he'ah fireproof walls be self-made an' dis struggle be fully deserved 'escuses kin neva' make down 4 livin' deir lie, so's self-absorbed whut has all dis shit been 4? traded away self-wort' an' pride 4 some kinda' plastic false security it be yo' shield o' gullability no one else kin unsheat' dis rage it be yo's t'esploit t'incite change no one else kin braik dis cage it be down t' yo' ass t' snap dese-he'ah chains no one else kin stand down cock diesel fight yo' battles, whetha' right o' wrong no one else kin wield yo' wisdom N-E-V-E-fuckin'-R trade o' waga' yo' freedom.
Re: The Jive Server 2003-06-07 20:51:45
by marasmus
Hahaha! that came out SO fucking funny! Where the hell did it get "cock diesel" from?! :)