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Pogo at da party. 2003-04-12 01:22:25
by pogo
So the amazing pogo, his girlfriend who we will call 'hell panda', and pogo's friend zoltrox went to a big party. The amazing pogo attempted to pick up girls ( yes he had hell panda's permission to attempt this feat...). Pogo learned many aspects of social interaction during this brief period.

1.) Scoping out girls by standing over them smiling menacingly is not a good way to start.

2.) Limit the time you wait for a chance to speak to a girl to, at most, 5 minutes. Staring over the shoulders of girls for over 15 before speaking, kind of scares them.

3.) Using the pick up line of 'Hi' does not work.

4.) When the fat bitches walk away after you hit on them, you know you ain't the shit.

5.) If some one talks to your friend, and he acts like he might know them, he most likely does, do not introduce him to them. You will look like a fucktard.

6.) Leave the picking up of bitches to your girlfriend, she's better at it.

7.) Throwing a flyer party is never a good idea.

8.) If bitches start screaming "I'm going to kill you, you fucking bitch", it is almost time to leave.

9.) When an African-American fellow and a caucasian fellow fight, and the one calls the other some racial slurs, it is REALLY time to leave.

10.) Make sure you leave before the cops get there, or who knows what will happen.

The amazing pogo will assure you that this is all true, and that if you follow these 'rules' your house party experience will be way better.

Re: Pogo at da party. 2003-04-16 07:23:20
by Anonymous
if I'da known it was THAT kinda party, I'da stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes!
Re: Pogo at da party. 2003-04-16 15:48:50
by CreamPie
pogo licks swety balls!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Re: Pogo at da party. 2003-04-19 03:11:26
by kmartcowboy
Man, creampie... you are a complete fucking idiot.