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we called it the "nazi regime" in jest... 2003-04-08 21:35:02
by marasmus
Okay, anyone who knows me knows I have a tendency toward extremely fierce political views... but thankfully I'm far from being the only person who thinks George Bush and his administration goes far beyond being the dishonest, money-hungry, agenda-pushing assholes that we expect politicians to be. Read This op-ed piece very carefully. If you're not careful, you'll think he's writing about GWB.

Or is he?

Re: we called it the 2003-04-09 02:08:59
by kmartcowboy
That was on Witchvox a little while ago... I could'nt convince myself that this was not about the shrub. Well when the end comes everyone is invited to a kegger at our house. We'll even get some garlic bread for stale.
Re: we called it the 2003-04-09 09:32:19
by pondera
Well the link was not working when I tried. But I must say that anything from a website that contains anarchy in the domain name does not make my list of ten most reliable sources of information.
Re: we called it the 2003-04-09 09:39:28
by stale
Always good to know my friends are looking out for me. I love me some garlic bread! I'll be sure to bring some motor oil and your long lost sister when I swing by, kmart.