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Gay sex at Riverdance 2000-05-16 21:10:00
by vahman
OK, Vahman's rant.............

I am so sick and tired of people nowaday's that know shit about computers, and because of their "professional" bullshit attitude, they land hi-tech positions. How can you have Network Administrators, Database Administrators, even Network Administrators that can't initialize Dbackups, or successfully install Windows NT (assuming your LAN is NT based). Also in the career world, there is a set limit on experience. You have to have worked like 5 years before you are truly qualified for a "real" position. I know that most people I run into in the IT world, but yet in many cases I am in a lower position. I am also underpaid for what I do. Now, I am not saying that I take my job for granted. I have some good friends that are unemployed, which I find total bullshit. If I ever own a company, I will without a doubt hire young, up-and-coming IT workers. In general, they are more productive and tech-savvy than their 10 year experience counterparts. Don't get me wrong, I have met people that are much more experienced, older, and knowledgeable that myself.

The bottom line in my pissy writings is that I wish the IT industry would wake up and see that just because someone knows how to install Norton Antivirus on an Exchange server, that does not make them more technically advanced or valuable to the company than my young ass.

And to all you bitches struggling to get a good tech-job, it will come. Karma will kick in eventually. I know that, it did for me. Just when you give up, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.............they call. I don't know why, that is how it works.

Props to Preston for the 2MB Trident video card for my server. It is appreciated.

Props to Marasmus for the late-night Linux advice.

Props to Pogo for sucking my dick.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Oh, and you are in serious trouble when your kitchen consists of Ramen Noodles and Tang. That is the most important advice any ancient Eastern wisdom will ever give. In fact, I believe there was a chapter dedicated to just that in the Koran.

"Everyman dies..............Not Everyman really has interacial sex with a Bohemian monkey from Nicaragua"