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SWEET ASS PENIS 2003-03-23 14:28:29
by stale

Re: SWEET ASS PENIS 2003-03-27 12:27:27
by marasmus
I'm amazed chevy hasn't commented by now... This post is totally up his alley!

BTW, it's a shame that Denny's on Walsingham closed. They always left the storage box with the letters unlocked. :)
Re: SWEET ASS PENIS 2003-03-27 12:29:44
by stale
That place closed down? No way! Dude, that was the number one high school spot to wreak havoc at 3am. I'm almost sad.
Re: SWEET ASS PENIS 2003-03-30 03:42:09
by serv0
i feel like cant feel my legs... where it to yourt mother,,,