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plateaus of understanding 2000-05-16 19:33:00
by marasmus
okay. simple theory. dig.

there are plateaus of understanding.

For example, look back about 10 articles to the one by scrantoine: "a thought from a moron". In any field, be it brain surgery or garbage picking, there are the outsiders who know nothing about it, those who have looked into the field a little bit (and most often think they know more than they do), those who have spent a decent amount of time working with the field (and understand that they aren't shit cause there's SO much more to know), and then there are the gurus. Of course, there are gradients of understanding and application between these plateaus, but these plateaus are often the most important part. These are the stages at which we assess our understanding of a subject.

The reason i bring this up is because of all the HR ass-felchers out there who learned how to use WordPerfect at a 4 hour seminar and think they're the shit with computers. They then tell their boss that since they need a network administrator, they can write up all the pre-req's and necessary skeelz for the position, because they know computers (remember those wonderful 4 hours of WordPerfect Inspiration?)! So...

I look through job placement firms' listings and the like, and come across position after position of entry-level HTML creator who needs to understand frontpage (that one takes about 1 hour for the non-wirehead, about 5 minutes for the ghetto fabalous freakshows like myself) and photoshop (okay, good photoshop abilities do take a lot of practice). That's cool, those are very reasonable reqirements for a web/intranet designer and maintainance role.

What is NOT cool is that they want to pay jack shit for this entry-level position as they call it, but require THREE YEARS of ASP and IIS4 experience. If I'm not mistaken, IIS4 and ASP aren't any more than 3 1/2 years old. That'd basically require that some "entry-level" html apprentice has been dead up on the Microsoft Server products scene for the last 4 years... 4 Years of steady server experience doesn't sound like an entry-level worker to me... On top of that, they also want a B.S. degree for this entry level position that would hardly make it worthwile to work there instead of home depot or 7-11.

My Opinion?

okay. i'm done.