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Jungle Jimmy and the fucking stupid crew 2000-05-15 23:28:00
by pogo
Woah, i noticed a few new changes to the news poster :) Mighty nice marasmus! As for the rant, i loved it too...
Back on track, i started c++ 2 tonight, it looks like fun! I noticed that retrogames is claiming some one posted a movie of bleem running on dreamcast. Now i have two sides to this that i must state. This is not criticism of the bleem team, i respect randy's work. The man is an assembly pimp :)

Why is is that companies feel they must create a program, put it out as fast as possible, add 2 "updates" that fix shit they fucked up, then move on with life and work on new projects. Bleem was highly anticipated, it was released, and a dissapointed crowd bashed the company. While yes, bleem does do a good job on some of the games, others lack, or are non functional. While a few updates later, shit still isn't fully fixed, no more mention of updates was seen. Now a new bleem is out for the dreamcast. I must say, i will prolly end up purchasing it. I own 2 psx and hell, if the games look better and play on the dreamcast (which imho is a much better machine, i even think it kicks some PC ass..)why the hell wouldn't i want the program. My problem lies within...with 1(?) main programmer, who is working on the PC version? where is the promissed linux version, the mac version? As for the ultima IX crew...i still have heard nothing more than 3 fucking GHETTO patches that fix nothing. No more work. WTF. I HAVE A $60 box sitting on my floor unopened, due to the fact that it WILL NOT run on my machine. Many people with the same hardware as me find it impossible to play. While yes, i really had no plans of opening my box, i do feel i am allowed my BACKUP copy, which i would play. But alas i can't.

Anyone see a problem with shit like this? Why would i buy a game if the demo fails to run? "OK, THE DEMO SUCKED, LETS BUY THE GAME!" DUH!? It really is a damn scam. No one gives a damn about the customer any more. With new laws being passed, instead of consumers being protected, they will get fucked. "hey this game doesn't work, don't buy it" will be forbidden. I have prommissed programs that i think would rock. Sometimes, i manage to find the time and motivation to work on them...But i never release anything that is UTTER CRAP without saying it (my encryption program which a few people have YET to try). I just find it silly that we settle for ghetto BS full of bugs and we no longer bitch. So tonight i say "FUCK YOU" to any one who writes code full of bugs, says its a game, claims its cool, makes some money, and splits leaving the gamers saying "WTF". LICK THE BOTTOM of my nuts. Suck my wang. But most importantly, LIKE IT.

Enough with the rant about jack shit. No one cares what i post. email Vahman if you want gay sex. HIV. PEACE. DEATH. DIE. NUTS. w00.