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Wicked Fast 2003-02-09 07:10:59
by smokey
Just had to share this one with you all.† Yes that is a capital MB (Megabytes).† Just had a new circuit put in at work courtesy of Cogent Communications.† It's a 100Mbps Ethernet hand-off from a junction point made up of 2 OC48's with only 4 companies using them.† It's a little fast.† DSLReports wouldn't even give me the stats.† Hey Marasmus, if you send me your servers, I might be able to host them here.† You'd have to give me a month or so because I still need to add an extra NIC to my PIX so I can setup a proper DMZ.

Re: Wicked Fast 2003-02-09 13:23:03
by jeremy
hahahaha... don't get used to that, Cogent has the worst fucking peering in the industry and the most horrible service record of any transit provider out there. You'd be lucky to see 5% of that FastE connection, ever, period.

Do a search for them here

Re: Wicked Fast 2003-02-09 19:14:26
by smokey
Thanks for your input sirius. I actually have seen some bad reviews about them other places as well. I've also good reviews and spoken with dozens of other companies in the downtown Dallas area that have been using them with great success. Iím not a provider of any sort. My users just need Internet and Email. Looking at my past utilization stats and the fact that my current ISP sold off I choose Cogent since they could provide 100Mb access for half the price of 3Mb if I went with 2xT1's or a small piece of a DS3 from any major provider.