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Once Upon A Time... 2003-02-04 23:28:48
by toby
Marasmus and I were playing with his webcam trying to make (haXor) a video compression thingy. I remembered this program called hASCII cam. This program converted your webcam pix into ASCII. It was pimp as all hell. We mentioned how messed up this would be if we got the mad pr0n kick'n. I was surf'n a link off Slashdot and found the classic pr0n film Deep Throat done in ASCII. You have to check this out if you ever tried ASCII art or just think ASCII art looks kewl.

Re: Once Upon A Time... 2003-02-04 23:49:47
by stale
Yeah, ASCII pr0n is the shit. Too bad they picked a pr0n with so much fucking plot!
Re: Once Upon A Time... 2003-02-06 21:31:32
by Anonymous
Vectorstar sucks ass there nothing but a bunch of weirdos from god knows where. Just look at their pictures. They are freaks! A new user signup system huh you've been working on it for what a year now i could design an entire web server in one year. There's ging to be a new free web services site coming soon, we provide it all and nos no bull shit we give you what you need no questions asked. These dudes at vectorstar sucks look at their site and their server. IT SUCKS! They should just go offline.
Re: Once Upon A Time... 2003-02-06 21:51:27
by jeremy
Can't wait until you go on line... hahahahahahahaha.
Re: Once Upon A Time... 2003-02-07 10:16:07
by stale
Wow, nothing beats a guy who'll flame you and give you his static domain name! That's a great idea!
Re: Once Upon A Time... 2003-02-09 02:55:42
by marasmus
...his non-existent static domain!

Yes, we're from god-knows-where, and we are freaks. We're some freaky deeky people, man! We even do REALLY freaky shit like stew cabbage and eat babies! OoooOOOOoooOooo!

Now here's the bad-mood rant:
Follow my logic here. There's a hierarchy starting from (1) and going up to (5). As you are obviously a goal-oriented person, I'll start from (5) and count down.
(5) New signups require (4) Signup System, which requires (3) an Account Management system, which requires (2) new server infrastructure, which requires (1) $4000 of hardware purchased from my fucking pocket, put together primarily with my fucking time, so that THEN we can spend one thousand work hours (6 months of a full-time work schedule) to put together a scaleable, completely industry-standard UNIX server infrastructure (number 2 again) that allows us to run a free service for you, on a network SO graciously provided by sirius crackhoe!
In short.. if you don't like how long it is taking for us to put together a wonderful, beautifully-working, largely fault-tolerant, and painstakingly secure FREE service, you can just go fuck yourself while the door smacks you in the ass on your way out. And God forbid we would rather provide a quality service to a smaller number of people than oversubscribe our services like all the other generic hosting providers out there... Go get your fucking yahoo! homepage and jerk off on your own time. I'm just tired of this fucking hand-out attitude.
Re: Once Upon A Time... 2003-02-10 17:41:46
by Pogo