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Masturbatory Fantasies 2003-01-20 10:43:03
by stale
Well, this is a perfect reason to buy a PS2 that special person in your life this year.

Re: Masturbatory Fantasies 2003-01-21 21:23:51
by Chris
Good. But not as good as
Re: Masturbatory Fantasies 2003-01-21 23:48:30
by marasmus
Wow. Now I'll know that when I meet a chick with a PS2 she's a dirty tool-using slutcase! Sweet!

Side note:'s music reviews remind me of totally flipping out all the time and chopping off heads before wailing on my guitar... especially the abnormally turgid hard-on for Rivers Cuomo. :]
Re: Masturbatory Fantasies 2003-01-22 00:05:22
by marasmus
On an additional rant about Rivers Cuomo...

I bought Weezer's album Pinkerton once a long time ago when it first came out, before I had a car. I liked their self-title and figured that their second album would be pretty good.
It was some time in the year when it was really hot outside (so, not december through february, since I live in an ecological sauna). I rode my bike 10 miles to go to the mall and buy a CD, and I figure Pinkerton would be a good choice. So I sweat my ass off, pedal like crazy, spend 16.99 plus tax on this brand-new, just-released CD, and turn around to ride home before dinner. Well I get home, eat dinner, and go listen to the CD. It sucked! REALLY bad! SO.. INCREDIBLY... BAD! It sucked SO bad that I wanted to return it that night, but was too tired to ride another 20 miles on my bike.
So, the next day (a sunday) I got up at 8am, immediately got on my bike, and promptly returned the cd for a refund. I was so pissed off the guy just gave me straight cash back, despite store policy of credit only.

I have been told that the incident described above was the definitive force that started the avalanche of me losing my innocence. I blame my entire degeneration into adulthood on Rivers Cuomo. I lost my youth to 16.99 and Cuomo's first spat with rejection before going to college.
Re: Masturbatory Fantasies 2003-01-22 08:01:14
by pondera
Damn shame!
Re: Masturbatory Fantasies 2003-01-25 14:15:29
by stale
Wow, those reviews on totally freaking rock my ass so hard I want to crap diarrhea all over my neighbor’s flower garden! Neil Young is so totally freaking, ass worshipping, dog blowing, violent shitting, air fisting, but plugging, goat throwingly awesome that I'm going to fuck all of my friends in the asshole without lube! OH MY FUCKING GOD!
Re: Masturbatory Fantasies 2003-02-17 00:56:03
by Chris
I disagree. I think the music reviews suck, for the most part, which is why I don't write them.