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Finally... 2003-01-19 18:29:32
by vahman
So, even though they are not my main team.....the Tampa Bay Bucs are going to the Superbowl. For all of you that don't know, Tampa Bay is the hometown for Vectorstar and all its admins. Whether you follow the Bucs or not, this is very pimp.

Re: Finally... 2003-01-19 18:40:45
by jeremy
Re: Finally... 2003-01-20 00:36:37
by Josh
This is very pimp indeed! Go Buccaneers!

Oh yeah, and how about that All-Pirate Superbowl?
Re: Finally... 2003-01-20 08:17:21
by pondera
Now these are fans!
Re: Finally... 2003-01-20 10:44:30
by stale
We're going to the Superbowl and Warren Sapp got his eye poked bloody. GO BUCS!!
Re: Finally... 2003-01-20 10:59:54
by scrantoine
Some Buc fans pulled together and put an add in the Philly paper saying the Bucs rule or something along those lines. My two favorite teams in the superbowl...fuckin a.
Re: Finally... 2003-01-20 13:38:13
by stale
I heard that after the Bucs won the playoffs a bunch of people broke into a local steak place and stole all the meat! Now there are some football fans!