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Miss Cleo? 2003-01-15 20:11:35
by jeremy
This has proven especially fun for the guys and gals that work on my Helpdesk.

Re: Miss Cleo? 2003-01-16 22:08:37
by Chris
Miss Cleo regained my respect by doing voice acting for Vice City.
Re: Miss Cleo? 2003-01-17 17:14:13
by luuvmuffen
Nice. Totally took away 2 hours worth of work time :)
Re: Miss Cleo? 2003-01-17 19:34:28
by smokey
that rocks
Re: Miss Cleo? 2003-01-18 01:05:49
by Chris
Wow, I really want to call someone and use this. I have a cable modem, though. You guys know a decent way to do this? I figure I'll just put them on speakerphone and have it turned up loud enough.
Re: Miss Cleo? 2003-01-18 08:56:27
by marasmus
Disclaimer: Not that any of us VectorStar people would do or have done this, but... :)
At radio shack you can get an inline phone-tap that hooks up to a 1/8" headphone jack. You can flip a switch on the line tap so you can inject sound into the conversation through the 1/8" phone jack. You'll have to play with the volume to get it set right, but that would be the perfect tool for calling people and giving them the Miss Cleo hookup. :)
Re: Miss Cleo? 2003-01-18 09:26:06
by jeremy
I won't even go in to how many concerned calls I got from outside offices, when they called the Helpdesk, and Miss Cleo answered.
Re: Miss Cleo? 2003-01-19 10:31:46
by smokey
Jack Black's first one is hilarious.