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Rap Hunnies 2003-01-09 20:04:42
by smokey
Had to share this one.

Re: Rap Hunnies 2003-01-09 21:07:09
by Anonymous
doesn't seem to work?
Re: Rap Hunnies 2003-01-09 22:56:31
by phallus
Damn Smokey, dem girls st00pid fly... wanna pull up to dat bumpah and smack dat monkey. Oh, and for more bizitches you gots to check it
Re: Rap Hunnies 2003-01-10 08:56:59
by vahman
Damn Smokey, dose bitches are so fine I almost done dropped da fotee.
Re: Rap Hunnies 2003-01-10 14:35:10
by stale
Okay, so the rap hunnies site was cool, but what's up with the ladies of the pen? I clicked on some girl in her underwear, and before I knew it, I was staring at some prison inmate's fried-egg tits. I think I'm scarred for life now. Oh, the girl in the pink underwear is about the most whiskey tango girl I've ever seen!
Re: Rap Hunnies 2003-01-10 18:46:18
by phallus
Stale, you must be trip'n... how can this not get you all fired up?
Re: Rap Hunnies 2003-01-10 20:25:22
by smokey
"That's one ugly bitch!"

10 points to whomever can guess what fairly recent movie that line is from.
Re: Rap Hunnies 2003-01-11 00:00:04
by kmartcowboy
Oh! Oh! I know that one... was it Navy Seals?!
Re: Rap Hunnies 2003-01-13 12:03:23
by scrantoine
The movie was "Duce Biggolo, Male Giggolo" right?
Re: Rap Hunnies 2003-01-13 13:58:26
by stale
No no, that was, "That's a huge bitch!"
Re: Rap Hunnies 2003-01-14 11:34:49
by scrantoine
You are correct sir...fuckery, I don't know where that is from.