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Seasons Greetings 2002-12-24 14:04:14
by jeremy
As much as I hate to ruin the glorious ramblings of Barbie whore, Stale's Penis Mobile or Marasmus's funeral for The Shizit.....

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Re: Seasons Greetings 2002-12-24 15:17:39
by toby
I wish you all the same.. I believe you picked a very good cartoon to celebrate the season!
Re: Seasons Greetings 2002-12-24 15:40:54
by nuzod
Haha, Calvin and Hobbes is the best.
Re: Seasons Greetings 2002-12-24 17:32:00
by marasmus
Yes... Enjoy the holidays, don't stress too much about the nonsensical gift-giving shenanigans, throw back and enjoy the egg nog, everyone!

And Calvin and Hobbes still totally kicks ass!!
Re: Seasons Greetings 2002-12-25 16:36:43
by caridwen
"We all need to raise a glass, and get some ass, forget the past 11 months of Pain. We all need to find a joke, take a toke, and lounge the day away.
Love your mother, love your brother, love your imaginery friend Bob. Take some time, let kindness shine, thank Gawd above..."
Merry Crimmus you fuckers. Peace.