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The new nazi regime... 2002-12-15 02:07:02
by chevy
I was going to visit this site that I'm sure at least some of you had visited in the past,, and as you'll see if you try and visit this site they have been shut down by the FBI and taken into custody after an investigation which was sparked off by rumors that they were actually selling guns to kids. I remember the sarcastic ads this site contained concerning items such as flame throwers and missle launchers, which in my mind even being sold on the black market would come at a price much higher than any of our parents would-be stolen credit card limits could have bought us. It is sad that in this land of the free we will soon all have to watch our words carefully for fear of having our lives torn apart through the reporting of unsubstantiated rumors.

Re: The new nazi regime... 2002-12-15 19:21:48
by smokey
Check out Googles Cache.  We could of all chipped in and got a M-Style Grenade Launcher  for a mear $4500.00.
Re: The new nazi regime... 2002-12-15 19:22:48
by smokey
I guess Mom told him he had to cancel the site.
Re: The new nazi regime... 2002-12-16 08:15:14
by Douglas
I wonder ... What was "The Ultimate Weapon"? I might have been a universal dictionary, so people could talk to eachother instead of shooting them.
Re: The new nazi regime... 2002-12-16 17:03:56
by marasmus
Looks like the FBI/ATF message went up on May 2, 2002, by looking around the net.

The WHOIS lookup on the domain is interesting. Notice the Microsoft and MilNet DNS servers listed, among other corporate giants:
   Emmanuel Goldstein
   86400 Mormon Creek Rd
   Lolo, MT 59700

   Registrar: DOTSTER
      Created on: 20-MAY-00
      Expires on: 20-MAY-03
      Last Updated on: 10-DEC-02

   Administrative Contact:
      Goldstein, Emmanuel
      86400 Mormon Creek Rd
      Lolo, MT  59700

   Technical Contact:
      Goldstein, Emmanuel
      86400 Mormon Creek Rd
      Lolo, MT  59700

   Domain servers in listed order:
Doing an ARIN netblock lookup shows the hosting wite to still be running on Modwest, a Montana ISP. My thought is that the guy wasn't busted at all, but wanted to create more of a mucked up controversy by putting up a fake busted-by-the-feds page and setting up a nose-in-the-air DNS server list to spew some extra traffic at some large corporations and a government agency. So much to conspiracy theories... He probably just got tired of all the bullshit email he got from running the site!
Re: The new nazi regime... 2002-12-16 17:11:58
by marasmus
Further DNS research...
Yeah, the guy definitely put in some of those corporate DNS servers just to throw extra traffic their way. It's sort of a quiet slap-in-the-face to those DNS servers' administrators for leaving a potential DNS security hole (recursive lookups) open. Turns out that the idirect DNS server is one of his real dns servers. Pretty in-depth FBI hoax the guy's put in place though!
Re: The new nazi regime... 2002-12-18 11:38:46
by Chris
Well, if you know Emmanuel Goldstein, you know two things (if I'm not mistaken:) 1) It's highly possible that whoever did it is using his name falsely as a joke, as Goldstein lives in NYC. I think, anyhow. He's got an apartment there, at least. This just doesn't seem totally his style; if the FBI came after him it'd be for 2600 before this site, and if they did, there's no chance that it wouldn't be mentioned on 2600's website. 2) Emmanuel Goldstein (real name Eric Corley) was involved in some legal matters less than a year ago (if my memory serves me) regarding this exact thing, when he pissed off General Motors by playing with the DNS servers. He's got a serious problem with the Domain Name System in general, as he believes Verizon is an NSA puppet corporation, and is pissed off that one company pretty much runs the whole thing. Not to mention the fact that international domain names must be puchased by other countries, and those countries are steadily being charged more.
Re: The new nazi regime... 2002-12-28 23:45:32
by rb
fyi, emmanuel goldstein was the name of the revolutionary author/government scapegoat in george orwell's 1984; the fictional totalitarian government conditioned its citizens to hate him as a means of suppressing potential working-class uprising. it is likely that the name provided in the whois information for that domain is a reference to this, as it would seem to fit in with the private-citizen-versus-invasive-government scenerio that has been set up.