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Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-07 23:50:34
by stale
I'd like everbody to meet my new 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS.

Balls 2 Spare
Say hello.

Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-07 23:57:06
by luuvmuffen
That is so fucking Tight PLEASE smoke every god damn Honda you see
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-08 00:37:00
by Chris, non-member extraordinare
These are the cars that I play Grand Theft Auto just to steal.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-08 01:20:25
by toby
In one word... Sweet!
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-08 09:34:55
by ibor132
w00t, nice car.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-08 16:23:26
by dreadl0k
hey asshole. once i get some time and cash and i get my dad's goat fixed up i'll kill you. -j-
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-08 16:57:28
by stale
C'mon down to Florida with it. I should have my 383 stroker built by then and I'll own joo!
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-08 21:22:51
by r3chn3r
WHOA! Nice wheels.... Hope the ac works. What did it cost you?
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-08 22:37:43
by stale
AC? What AC? It set me back pretty hard, but not too bad considering the going price for an old Camaro these days. After all was said and done, I got a pretty sweet deal on it.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-08 22:59:44
by bittchee
Congrats...That car rocks!!!!! Now I wanna new car ;)
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-08 23:37:51
by kmartcowboy
Yup, in the end they all want the power and excitement of the chevy... stale tweek all you want but I will destroy you in my 1988 dodge colt as soon as I get the 300 horse NOS system hooked up to it's lean 1.6L engine. Fear me!!!
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-09 08:59:48
by stale
AhaAhaaHaAHaHa! Dude, isn't the Dodge colt a ripoff of the Geo Metro? You should drop a big block in that sum bitch and move all of the driver controls to the back seat.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-09 18:45:51
by dreadl0k
i'll hafta stop by my pops house 2maro after work talk to him a lil about the car. i garauntee i can probably start putting money into it and he'd just give me the car.. he got a rid a of a old 57 chevy back in the 60's. he regrets it sooooo much. he'll never give the gto up. except to family.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-09 21:30:21
by mightyphallus
Tight ride, we hit Ft.Harrison in January...
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-09 21:57:48
by Chris, non-member extraordinare
Holy shit...I know this is totally unrelated, but I can't start new topics. My mother is a real estate agent. A while back, she had this guy that wanted to be her client - He lied often, talked about how much of a millionaire he was, when he's really unemployed and recently out of prison. He brought a pistol to his first meeting with her; he's paranoid and constantly thinking the police are coming for him. She tried to get rid of him for some time, and eventually he randomly stopped coming around, though he left several threatening messages on her broker's answering machine. Lately, agents have been finding notes of a similar nature around open houses and stuff, and didn't think much of it. Last night, one of my mom's friends was murdered in her home, throat slit...Not necesarily related, but fuck, it's not a pleasant situation. I just felt like I needed to tell someone about that...
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-09 23:11:05
by stale
What a fucktard. How you gonna ruin my moment with my new car with some Law & Order style drama? Here's an idea, tell the fucking police, not some message board run by a couple of 20-year-old computer nerds.

It's not like if you disappeared all of a sudden from making random comments on the board that we'd think to phone the police for you anyway, and, to top it off, we have no idea who you really are.

Do you live south of the railroad tracks or something?
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-09 23:16:31
by stale
Oh, and for the record.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-10 00:21:50
by Chris, non-member extraordinare
Wow, you've made a couple of stupid assumptions in a row... Obviously, the cops already know. And did I ask for you to like phone the police or anything? And would the police even listen if a scary-ass looking goth guy showed up in his old camaro saying some random guy in TN had a problem? Probably not... I find it amusing how so many of you guys are cool about half the time, and during that half make fun of guys that act like you do the other half.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-10 00:22:32
by Chris
Shit, that last sentence was so hard to follow. I haven't slept in a few days...oh well.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-10 09:04:43
by stale
You're still ruining my moment.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-10 10:17:25
by Chris
Yeah, I'm working hard.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-12 19:00:30
by forge
Apparently not hard enough or you wouldn't have the time to waste ours posting about bullshit we don't care about.
You should just go take care of your own shit and let us bask in the glory of a beautiful automobile just recently purchased by mah boi.
God DAMN that be some good shit. And where the FUCK is mah bat, next time this bitch speaks I say we make a road-trip to visit KmartCowboy and whack this stupid fuck in the process. Sound like a plan?
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-12 20:46:10
by Chris
Yeah, see, this has been done for a few days now, and you still felt the need to throw in your clearly badass remarks... Seriously, I was being random, but I never thought anyone would be pissed. I was sitting here reading stuff when I heard about this, and it was on my mind, so I figured, what the hell, and posted it. I thought it was interesting, even if it is fucked up, and didn't think it would induce a huge whining session. Don't post shit nobody cares about? That's what every message on this board is, unless you're a complete loser. God damn, for a group of people who claim to run and use a service so highly superior to other "community sites," and talk so much about having this cool "community" of people interested in using the service, about 75% of the messages posted here are someone bitching someone out, 10% are stupid shockwave cartoons, and the other 15% are jokes between friends. So you've got it partly right, good job. It'd be alot nicer if you learned not to be a fucking asshole, now. It might come in handy when you have to leave your room.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-13 01:57:40
by kmartcowboy
What you have to realize is that 98% of the 75% is meant in fun... we bitch each other out to show our affection towards each other without damaging our fragile egos.The stupid shockwave cartoons are used to distract us from our inner demons, like for example, stale is obviously proud of this car because of the loss of size to the pride of sicily due to PC radiation, and forge, god bless his soul is blatently a raging homo-manfucker. And the jokes between friends are what you would expect from people who have gotten to know each other such as in a community, which would make this a community site... of people who like to abuse their friends, distract themselves with stupid flash, and make jokes that only people in the community get. We are the biggest assholes on the net...Do'nt bitch! It comes with the territory, try coming up with some fucked up shit to say, tear someone a new asshole and then it becomes fun and you'll be part of the community.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-13 10:58:03
by Chris
Trust me on this one, I haven't made a habit of bitching. I've actually been hanging around here almost a year waiting for new user sign-ups to work, and despite the fact that I post quite frequently, any time someone decides to respond to me they toss in a "We don't know who the fuck you are." It doesn't matter. I've done it back a few times. The first time I talked to Stale via e-mail, we had a nice little back and forth flame action. But the fact of the matter is, when it's finished, and it's been finished, there's no point in making sure to toss in some more obnoxiousness and random insults - normally there would be, but you can't pull that shit then the pull the whole "we don't know or care who the fuck you are, take a hike" thing in the same thread. It stops being amusing at all.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-13 12:01:52
by stale
Bitch, the pride of Sicily is still fully present. I just needed the car to outwardly present my johnson to the public in a symbolic way. Sure, I could just get a big poster made out of a picture of my wang, but the car is slightly more legal. Plus, I can't fuck in the backseat of a poster of my wang!
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-13 12:06:22
by forge
Chris - You seem to be making a pretty good habit of bitching now if you ask me, and it matters not whether it's amusing to you at all in the least.
So STFU ... and move on with your life.
KmartCoybow - you done definitely had fucked mah shit up. DAMN
Stale - That car is still pimp as fuck, and I'm glad I had some part in helping you reach your goal of owning such a mean ass ride.
Chris - You're still a bitch.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-13 17:06:12
by Chris
Hey, Forge, ya know what? Fuck you, nobody's impressed with your capitalized cursing or references to physical violence, particularly when I seriously doubt that you obtain any physical activity beyond jacking off in your own filth or running from social services. You're a damned hypocrite, you'll unleash a pitifully obnoxious ode to verbal ego masturbation when I post something serious, though a year ago yesterday you were posting about how your girlfriend left you, talking about how it was hard to "type through the tears." Meanwhile, a family friend gets murdered and you're got no qualms ripping in. Please, continue, it's amusing - When everyone else does it, it's funny, when you do it, it's utterly devoid of any intelligence and just makes me feel sorry for the illegitimate children you will one day spawn, knowing that they'll grow up to make millions in the world of white rap composing beats about how their father was too busy filming voyeuristic porn and typing on message boards to raise them.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-13 19:14:18
by smokey
Damn, you guys are a bunch of bitches. Especially stizale and Forge. WTF, you get a cool car and you change your post name. What are you special or something. You should all just eat a dick. :-)
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-13 20:10:41
by jeremy
Damn, Chris... That's some funny shit!
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-13 21:53:37
by forge
I don't see how any of this makes me a hypocrit seeing as how I've done my part to keep this system running back in the day when funds were lacking.
All the original people who built and posted to this board including the majority of those who still post, were and are still my friends.
I couldn't care less about someone being murdered unless they are directly related to my life at present. I feel bad that someone died, but who cares?
That's what you have friends for, not strangers and their message boards. If you post something here, it's free game for anyone to tear into any way they see fit.
KmartCowboy still wields the "Crooked Joystick"
Stale's new car is the bomb
Smokey is probably the most well versed out of anyone here to eat a dick, isn't that right sailor?
And Chris , you just need to learn to calm down. You don't post to a buncha people who are pointedly antagonistic and love to fuck with each other, let alone fresh meat, and not expect to get fucked with.
You yourself stated that you didn't like to start new posts, and that's the price you pay for interupting the machismo of stale's Camaro in all it's non-aerodynamic glory. At any rate, lets just call it a truce, we don't need to see if we can set a new record for the number of comments ;) Agreed?
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-13 22:53:23
by marasmus
(serious note) Okay, i'm gonna break down and finally say something. Forge, your comments to chris appear to the casual observer to be plainly serious and shitty. Where's the fun in that? At least make 'em obviously humorous! :) We don't need to kick people away from the board mang! 'Specially Chris, as he's made quite more than the average effort and put up with more than the average shit in regards to the vectorstar crew! :)

(not serious note) You were just plain OWNED on that last one man! Chris busted on an absolutely better playing field! And it was both biting and in obvious fun at the same time! "running from social services" absolutely takes the cake!

(time for harassment note) Stale, independent of anything you ever say, any delusions you fabricate, or any natural or non-natural phenomenon (including the "big-to-a-9-year-old" trick) that makes your genitalia appear larger than it is... THAT CAR IS STILL A PENIS CAR! Not only that, it's YOUR PENIS CAR!!! *singing* YOOOOUUURRR!! PEEENIIIIS!!! CAAAAAAR!! Just accept that it IS a penis car. It is a COOL as HELL penis car, but it IS still a penis car. Penis. Car. Penis car.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-14 00:07:35
by Chris
Yeah Forge, I wasn't pissed. I simply figured that at this point, I have now earned the right to tear back without feeling bad about it. You said to do it yourself, so don't get pissed now that it's become a reality. It's not that I "don't like" to start new posts, by the way, it's that I don't have the ability.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-14 01:22:25
by forge
I've had a shitty day with some to spare. I honestly just don't have the desire to get into a sword-fight and besides, I never said i was pissed.
I am however going to attempt to get some sleep for once. Maybe I'll sleep the entire weekend, if not my entire life, away blisfully. If all else fails salvation can be found, or at least sought after at the bottom of many a bottle.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-14 01:53:02
by forge
I would also like to apologize to proprietor and patron alike for my occassional callous behavior.
My sincerest apologies to those I may have offended, or to those whom i may offend in times yet to pass.
I'll probably be in hiding from myself for a short while, please just leave me be. If I am to be involved, I'm sure it must not be that important.
Besides that, I'm sure many who know me well enough would at least lie to say I'm a decent human being, irrespective to the inconsequentiality of my very existance. The complete lack of any importance to my life makes it rather difficult to lead at times.
I'm pretty sure by now you've lost site of where this is going, I may have before I started. At any rate I'll take my leave of you now. Stata Bene...
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-14 19:52:40
by kmartcowboy
forge, I am writing this to let you know that you are indeed I decent human being in that humans in general are the most vicious of the entire animal kingdom and none of us can truly claim any superiority to one another(excluding of course pedophiles and rapists}, but all that aside I still say you are the embodiment of evil in this world and will expect a good asskicking for saying so when next we meet or I will lose all of that hard earned respect for you... everyone else, this was fun but I must now join marasmus in the ode to stales penis car....
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-15 23:29:34
by stale
Holy shit, my cam is so fucking aggressive that it's even managed to get people on the message board to fight! I thought loping while idle was cool...

Chris: Damn. That was some seriously good ownzing. I'm turning over all of the moronic user account requests I get to you from now on.

Marasmus: Since my car is in fact a penis car, and you've rode in said car, does that in some way make you a friend fucking, dick riding homosexual?

Forge: No depression is allowed in a post involving a 1967 Camaro SS on any message board, especially this one. You helped me get the loan for this beast, fucking take some pride bitch. You know I'm eternally thankful for the cosign.

Smokey: You know you love the car. I like your bike, you like my car, it's a fair trade off.

kmartcowboy: You done did it now. What the fuck is you saaaaaaaaaaayiiiiiiiiiiiin?!
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-16 10:47:24
by sandman
Marasmus, Having seen your car, if stale's car is a penis-car than yours is officially qualified as a needle-dick-car!
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-16 11:45:24
by pondera
I concur!
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-17 20:12:14
by phallus
I agree, it's a penis car. However, penis might not be descriptive enough. A big raging American cock that stinks of fuel and exhaust, nothing wrong with that. Saw it myself yesterday and it do be tight. Stale and I going to do some racing on a "closed track" sometime in the future.... Ready Stale?
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-17 23:32:01
by stale
Yeah, a "closed track." As a matter of fact, I raced a newer Thunderbird (a generation back from one of those new badass roadsters) this morning on a "closed track" called Douglas Avenue. Needless to say, I spanked it.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-18 00:09:01
by pondera
Would the Thunderbird be considered a penis car? If so, that would mean that you spanked another man's penis.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-18 14:09:28
by stale
I'm not sure what constitutes a penis car anymore. We better ask Marasmus as he is the penis master.
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-18 23:37:39
by phallus
The first time you get in one of those "closed track" races and don't come out ahead is when you'll decided to drop the engine and stroke it... 383 style, not alt.binaries.erotica.engine.mount.mount.mount style...
Re: Balls_2_Spare 2002-12-18 23:53:31
by stale
What about Clarence Carter style? I be strokin'... doo doodoodoo dooooo doo doodoodoo dooooo!