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Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 08:48:41
by pondera
I would just like to point out how closely related the words "ignore" and "ignorance" are. They usually go hand in hand..

Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 09:34:23
by stale
Is this an ambiguous stab at me? The only reason I've neglected your email is the fact that I've not been able to generate a sufficient reply. I've actually been rendered speechless by said email in question.
Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 09:46:38
by pondera
Well it would at least be nice to know that you have acknowledged the email and that you intend to reply.
Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 10:12:31
by stale
I don't know if I actually intend to reply. The fact of the matter is that you're not a necessary part of my life. You're an ex-boyfriend of my ex-girlfriend, and the lines of, "necessary part of my life," stop abrubtly at her, and that's only because she managed to procreate with me. Ultimately, it would more than likely be a complete waste of my time to try to, "talk things over," with you. Why not just give it up?
Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 10:54:08
by Pondera
Well your absolutely right about me not being a "necessary part of your life" as you put it, and vise-versa. However, you seem to be the one who is uncomfortable with me, and my presence around your child..enough so that you would discredit the integrity of her mother at any means necessary as you proved by lying about the situation. I could have reacted a number of different ways but I chose to respect your position and present myself in a manner where you could form an educated opinion. Your not an important part of my life, but the people involved are. I can only put the offer on the table, if you choose not to take it then I will leave it at that.
Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 11:37:31
by smokey
I hope you guys keep this going. I'm going to try and sell the transcript to "Days of our Lives".  :-)  Sorry stale, had to get that one in there.
Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 11:57:09
by stale
It's all good Smokey. You should write this shit into some pointless movie. It'd prolly rival that crappy Talented Mr. Ripley movie.

Pondera, you dated said ex-girlfriend for quite a while, so you know damn well what I said and what was relayed to you was absolutely distorted in some way. The facts as I see them are as follows:
  • You've been busted for selling drugs.
  • You agreed to spend your friday watching my daughter.
  • There were a buncha of guys in said daughter's house when I showed up.

    Honestly, you're not part of my family; therefore, you're already on thin ice when it comes to watching my daughter. Top that in with the fact that you recently got off house arrest for felony charges, which shows that you're not the greatest decision maker, and you've got one paranoid father of a nearly two-year-old little girl. You're also in your early 20's, along with your friends, and I know how irresponsible 20 year old guys are--I'm 20 myself you know. Now, combine that with the fact that when I showed up to get her for the night there were at least 2 other guys in the house with you watching basketball, any sane father would probably have done the same exact thing I did which was to merely phone the ex-girlfriend and inform her that the kid was not going back home until said ex-girlfriend arrived from out of town. Honestly, had I known the full details of the situation, you would've never been in a position to feel the wrath of my quick judgement in the first place as I would've just taken the kid all weekend to begin with. In all reality, you should be greatful I handled it the way I did and didn't call the cops of you and your friends. Understand?
  • Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 12:22:06
    by bittchee
    First off, Stale: I take personal offense to your comment of me distorting what was said to me by you to pondera. When you called me up and told me of the happenings at my house,I was just a upset and angry as you. I called Pondera to find out why he was doing this, only to find out that the only one distorting anything was you. I was told by you that there were many cars and people that neither you nor marasmus knew at my house which scared me thinking that i left the most important part of my life in his care and he was being irresponsible. So you take responsibility for what you said to me in the situation. Dont try and pass it off on my supposive inability to reform words to a second party. I listened very carefully to what you said, being that you love our daughter as much as I do. So leave me outta your bitch fight!
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 12:43:18
    by stale
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 12:50:58
    by pondera
    I didn't start this thread to envoke an inmature battle of airing dirty laundry about one another. If that was the case I could have listed 10 times as many "facts" as you that would make you look like a complete shit. I'm not going to do that, even after your feeble attempt to make me look irresponsible, because I care too much about the little girl. I started it to get you to handle the situation like an adult and prevent any future confrontations. I'm only 2 years older than you but apparently that's enough to make a difference. Understand?
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 13:31:19
    by stale
    Pondera, the bottom line is as follows. I'm that girl's father, you are that girl's mother's ex-boyfriend. I will always have a superior hand in any situation regarding my daughter, so you're going to have to learn to live with it. Who is more mature or more qualified is actually irrelevant when dicussing matters of whether or not I'm right or wrong in regard to my kid. Any problems you have should be worked out directly with the ex-girlfriend in question and not with me directly from now on. If you haven't noticed, I have no desire to make friends with you, so you've been endlessly chasing a lost cause.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 13:55:25
    by pondera
    Stale, you are absolutely right, you are her father, and that is why I explicitely stated that I would respect any decision you made, whether it be to talk to me or not, in the email I sent you. I don't need to learn to live with anything, you need to learn to handle things appropriately. It's a shame that it took all of this to get a response.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 15:05:18
    by stale
    The situation was handled appropriately as far as I'm concerned. Perhaps it seems rash to you now, but put yourself in my shoes for a second and you may gain some understanding as to why 3 20-something year old guys, who are unrelated in any way to the rest of the family, are not supposed to be watching someone else's kid on a Friday night. You might just be a nice guy and I could be overreacting, but you know that I don't know you in depth at all, and in modern society, it's always safer to assume the worst can happen. She's my daughter and I'm *very* protective of her--it's not quantum physics (or math science for those of you involved in the Perkins incident).

    Don't get me wrong, you're not completely to blame. There was also a *serious* lack of responsibility on the parents' side of this situation also. As stated earlier, had I known the full details of the agenda for the weekend, events would have unfolded differently; however, I didn't ask the unnamed mother much about the plans, so I am partially to blame.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 15:29:39
    by pondera
    I wasn't referring to the situation on Friday being handled inappropriately. I was referring to you not responding to me. Honestly, I would have done the same thing if I had thought what you thought. I don't blame you for what you did, I just didn't like the reasons and the way things went down and that's why I wanted to make sure we were on the same page. I don't care what you think of me but I felt I needed to protect the integrity of others involved. There are things that I don't like about you but I have tried not to pass judgements about you because I don't know you as a person. But let me assure that I was there because I wanted to be there, and I even took off work without pay to be there. I would never do anything to harm her because although I am not her father, I did spend alot of time with her for that year and I do care about her. In that sense, the sense that I helped raise her for a portion of her life, I am somewhat a part of her family. I don't want you to doubt "said girlfriends" judgement, because I know she would never do anything to put her in harms way.

    And since you don't want to get together to talk about it let me just say this as well. There was no smoking in the house, in fact there was no smoking at all except for when she was sleeping and we went outside. There were two people there, Michael and Steve. Michael was around the whole time I was with "said girlfriend" and has been around the baby alot. The other one is my roomate who is just as much of a straight edge as you are. In fact he was only there for 5 minutes before you got there and wanted to buy Ice Age to watch with the kid. They were only there to go to dinner and keep me company after she went to bed. Marasmus knows both of them so I have no idea why he said that he didn't. There was no party or anything of the sort.

    I really don't like having to do this on Vectorstar but it was the only way I could get a response from you. I don't expect you to change your mind about anything and you don't have to. You are her father and you can make any decision you want regarding her and I will never get in your way.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 15:40:38
    by pondera
    And if this ends up on Days of our Lives...I better get some money!
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 15:47:13
    by stale
    It ended up on VectorStar because of your comment in the original post. You can't call me ignorant without rousing some kind of response.

    Smokey: I wanna play myself in the movie!
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 15:54:41
    by pondera
    Well that's just what I wanted.."some kind" of response.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-03 16:54:59
    by smokey
    Well, if you want to be in it stale, we'll definitely have to rule out "Days of our Lives". I don't think they're hip to long haired goth guys with 5 lbs of surgical steal in there face. So a movie it is. I'll let you guys know when I sell the manuscript.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-04 11:40:28
    by StaleSucksAss
    Hey stale, what kind of father do you think you are? Honestly? Shit you should have been a blow job, seriously, that way all this whole incident would have never happened. oh, and Marasmus, your a sell out!
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-04 11:58:55
    by smokey
    I love it when everyone's fans make there way into the boards. Especially anonymously. "Stale you should have been a blow job." hmmmm...
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-04 12:25:37
    by jeremy
    Too many keyboard cowboys here...
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-04 12:34:04
    by stale
    I think he meant I should get a blow job. I'm game.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-04 14:06:54
    by |pogo|
    Good thing I left it up to you guys to take care of this situation. My favorite part is 'your a sell out'. "That way all this whole ..." is the tell tale signs of Zep or Ruprecht post.

    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-04 14:10:21
    by bittchee
    We need a new post to comment on...Don't you think? I'm pretty sure I'm done with this come guys and get with it and post something interesting :)
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-04 17:32:41
    by Chris, non-member extraordinare
    You know, I've been called 'Ruprecht' a few times by Anonymous. I hope that's a name that's not exclusive to me, because I don't recall ever making any comments that were of such a blatantly asshole-ish nature that anyone would think that guy was me...If I have, then wow, I must've been out of things.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-05 10:59:18
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-05 13:20:59
    by kmartcowboy
    I just wanted everyone to know that I am still swinging ungodly manroot, stale, back me up...also my balls could use a good polishing. Have at it.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-06 10:10:43
    by stale
    I dunno about ungodly, but the boomerwang is definitely something to fear. If only we could get that desposible camera back from Nikki.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-06 19:27:25
    by kmartcowboy
    Dude, I was all like shakin' it at you guys. Did'nt Nikki take it for the first time right before that? Fletch plowed it for all of 5 minutes, then she got a good shot of the crooked scotish poll!!!
    This calls for ...... 2002-12-07 21:50:47
    by r3chn3r
    Who da Bitch Now?
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-07 22:44:18
    by smokey
    The one that just posted a Real Player file, that's who. That evil shit comes nowhere near my pc and neither does any codec trying to play them. :-)
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-07 23:46:27
    by stale
    Yeah, anybody who uses this post as a means to post a realmedia file definitely qualifies as a bitch.
    Real Player File 2002-12-08 21:16:04
    by r3chn3r
    Cry, wine, moan and bitch all you want. It's not us evil greedy bastards in the net looking to view all content (regardless of who made it's codec) who's missing out. Perhaps you should invest in a machine, call it crap and install the Real Player's codec so the rest of us don't have to hear you wine about not being able to listen to a truly funny ass song. stale since you're so into your divtionary, look up flippant. It describes you post to a tee.
    Pardon the bad English 2002-12-08 21:18:26
    by r3chn3r
    Editing is overrated and a waste of time when the audience is just as iliterate as my typos. But I apologize anyhow in case your eyes felt like crossing.
    Re: Something to think about.. 2002-12-09 09:01:36
    by stale
    This wasn't my post, it was Pondera's :)