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Umm... 2002-11-24 13:12:30
by pogo

I'm now afraid.

Re: Umm... 2002-11-25 10:51:12
by Anonymous
Re: Umm... 2002-11-27 13:25:26
by stale
Hmmmm, reverse HIITB--BTIIH perhaps?
Re: Umm... 2002-11-27 13:26:46
by stale
BTIIH... Busting That Intestine, Inducing Hemmorhoids?
Re: Umm... 2002-11-27 15:18:09
by peZ, the anti-Zep
busting that intestine, inducing hemorrhaging.
Re: Umm... 2002-11-27 16:05:35
by stale
The Zep Man: Breaking The Internet, I Hax0r
Re: Umm... 2002-11-27 23:39:44
by Jodeine Sparks
I'm waiting for anonymous to dive in with a comment here in which he composes a sentence almost entirely of different non-existant conjugations of the word Zep, used as all different parts of speech. Don't let me down!
Re: Umm... 2002-11-30 11:27:37
by Anonymous
Mother fucker. You think your hot shit you stupid fat bitch fucking whore. I bet her cunt spelt like rotten pickles you fucking fuck.
Re: Umm... 2002-11-30 12:30:31
by jeremy
Time for some therapy, boy.
Re: Umm... 2002-11-30 13:22:03
by kmartcowboy
I am sure that would have insulted Jodeine if you weren't such an idiot, I bet her cunt spelt like rotten pickles too if only said cunt were capable of spelting. I would like to do some spelting of my own all over your stupid fat bitch fucking whore of a mother. Let me know if this would be O.K. with you you fucking fuck and mommy the crack slut. I'll even hold on to a little speltage just foe you.
Re: Umm... 2002-11-30 16:57:56
by Anonymous
Look mofo's I was raging!!! I didn't have time to proof read my fucking post. You fucking death metal computer geek fags. Oh and kmartcowboy fuck head bitch, your mom's cunt SMELLS like rancid tuna you fucking bitch ass cunt motherfucking bitch ho.
Re: Umm... 2002-11-30 16:59:34
by Anonymous
Spelting!!!! im soo funny fag bitch whore mother cunt ass fuck.
Re: Umm... 2002-11-30 17:07:02
by Anonymous
Fuck, just plain FUCK
Re: Umm... 2002-11-30 23:41:27
by kmartcowboy
Sounds to me like you've been raging for some dick. You can always yummy down on this one while your taking fucking death metal computer geek manroot up your shithole... which, by the way, surely smells more like rancid tuna than any womans vaginal cavity since your more likely to give it up for a twenty like the cock goblin male slut that you are.
Re: Umm... 2002-12-01 00:14:53
by caridwen
Game and match.
Re: Umm... 2002-12-01 19:13:03
by Jodeine Sparks
Bonus points for "cock goblin."
wanna be afraid? 2002-12-01 23:40:06
by Anonymous
Check this out
yeah 2002-12-01 23:42:23
by r3chn3r
and this.
Re: Umm... 2002-12-03 16:38:07
by bittchee
Spelting...that's sooo funny!!!!!