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Buy us this.... 2002-11-22 20:19:39
by marasmus
Buy us this and this, too... for the file server. so it's faster. and stuff.

Re: Buy us this.... 2002-11-23 02:14:59
by smokey
I say you buy 4 of them, get an extra server (2 for each), trunk the ports on each card for bandwidth and set the second card in each server for failover. Setup the two servers as a cluster and then get 2 OC3's configured for redundancy piped into the house.  Wait, if you're going to go that then we should all just chip in for one of these and a couple of OC12's or better.  Once it's all in you have to get the 6-way monitor hookup.  No supercomputer should be w/o that shit.  hmmmmm... Sorry, just got done watching Swordfish.  Stale, speaking of Dual Pro 100 cards, I bet there's a box of them sitting over at our previous employer.  They are pretty bad ass.  I've got them in a all the mail servers at work.  Unfortunately those same servers all have gigabit cards on board, but gigabit blades for our switches are like a million dollars so we have to settle for 200Mbs for now.
Re: Buy us this.... 2002-11-23 02:27:16
by smokey
Hell, they even have a custom Vector CPU.
Re: Buy us this.... 2002-11-30 22:33:24
by r3chn3r
nah.. I'm saving me pennies for this.
Re: Buy us this.... 2002-12-09 18:49:50
by dreadl0k