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WTF? 2002-11-20 22:55:39
by stale
Thanks you one of our users, Succy, I bring you the newest video that makes me ask the eternal question... WTF?

Re: WTF? 2002-11-21 00:23:39
by scrantoine
Have you seen the clips with Nicholas Cage? Crazy shit, he goes nuts over some product...I forget what it is. If I find those videos again I will post em.
Re: WTF? 2002-11-21 11:28:35
by stale
Yeah, I saw it. It's a Sanyo ad and he's bumping heads with those pinball men.
Re: WTF? 2002-11-21 15:07:07
by toby
That looked like the Simpson's commercial from when they went to Japan! I am slightly frightened now..
Re: WTF? 2002-11-21 19:38:45
by smokey
Hell, seeing comercials like that was the highlight of my day when I lived in Japan. Made me realize I wasn't such a jackass after all for joining the military since there were still idiots like that to top me.
Re: WTF? 2002-11-21 22:09:32
by marasmus
If I were any judge of character, I'd say that the movie that scrantoine posted stars a number of people who pale every other jackass on earth in terms of idiocy. I still can't get over that piece of video.
Re: WTF? 2002-11-21 23:52:38
by Anonymous
Lightning bolt!