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A Dick? 2002-10-24 08:25:22
by pondera
Can someone explain this one!?

Re: A Dick? 2002-10-24 11:28:42
by jeremy
Wow, did that run in the Trib?
Re: A Dick? 2002-10-24 11:53:37
by stale
What the fuck does the big muscle guy have to do with teeth cleaning? Maybe I should call them, record it, and then post it :)
Re: A Dick? 2002-10-24 12:33:33
by pondera
Apparently, if you don't have your teeth cleaned then you are a dick. But if you do, you gain about 50 lbs in lean muscle mass!
Re: A Dick? 2002-10-24 22:38:37
by pondera
One of my coworkers emailed the place to inquire about the ad and this is the response he got back:

Thank you for responding to our ad.

The ad was a recommendation for our ad agency.

The Weekly Planet is a well known avant garde publication. We have been advertising in the Weekly Planet for months with no response. If you check back to just the previous issue, our ad was different...a smiling face with information on our orthodontics. The ad agency suggested we try something more attention getting.

We didn't get a single call off of these old ads, BUT with the "dick" ad, we've had a lot of calls and many new patients.

So if you would like to schedule an appointment to have your teeth cleaned, we'd be happy to serve you! We have the latest cutting edge technology at our office...laser cavity detection, oral sedation, CEREC 3 machine for same day crowns, the latest in one hour teeth whitening, etc. We get about 125 new patients a month. We have a very experienced and friendly staff.

Please feel free to e-mail or call (813-354-9424) our office for an appointment.

Angye Whitaker General Manager Dental Designs of Florida, Inc.
Re: A Dick? 2002-10-24 23:44:46
by stale
Fuck that noise! I got my teeth cleaned last month and I'm still a 180lb computer geek.