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Yes, M'lud. 2002-10-17 20:32:03
by pogo
Shut Up, Witness

Re: Yes, M'lud. 2002-10-17 20:44:31
by marasmus
HAHahahahah!!! that's SO awesome! It reads as if it were copied out of a Douglas Adams novel verbatim!
Re: Yes, M'lud. 2002-10-17 22:12:03
by jeremy
That was some funny shit!
Re: Yes, M'lud. 2002-10-17 22:28:19
by stale
DaHAAHaHAaHAH! 40,000 coats to hang... AHaHaHAaHaAH!
Re: Yes, M'lud. 2002-10-18 00:48:27
by nuzod
Ahahahahaha! That guy's my Shordupersav for like four years.
Re: Yes, M'lud. 2002-10-20 03:43:37
by caridwen
Re: Yes, M'lud. 2002-10-28 07:11:56
by claudi
That's genius.
Re: Yes, M'lud. 2002-11-07 21:24:55
by Fuk of the Mountain
Re: Yes, M'lud. 2002-11-07 21:34:51
by Anonymous
We've totally lost our way. but we can pull together if we try.I'v lost my passion for all things that had been adordned as favorable