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Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-11 11:14:56
by scrantoine
Wow, check this video out. I might have blown a gasket when I saw this movie, funny stuff.

Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-11 11:26:39
by pondera
I must have missed the funny part...
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-11 12:25:47
by Anonymous
Lightning BOLT!!

Now to try that on un-suspecting strangers.

Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-11 12:27:50
by Douglas
And that was funny why?
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-11 13:08:30
by Anonymous
First off, any idiot yelling Lightning Bolt and tossing ping pong balls is funny.

Next, adding to the humor is the giant idiot groaning.

However, the fact that an entire group of teenagers fighting in the woods, dressed up in costumes comes in second only to the overweight Otaku cos-playing as ultra-thin sexy anime characters.

Now seeing as you two didn't find it funny, you either are Overweight Otaku dressing up as ultra-thin anime characters OR you are some moronic teen playing Dungeons and Dragons in the woods screaming LIGHTNING BOLT and tossing ping pong balls.

I'd suggest stopping either action, as it seriously reduces your chances of having sex with a real human anytime soon. Then again, you always have Pamala Handerson to fuck...

Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-11 13:29:48
by pogo
The Summoners of DARKNES!!
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-11 13:59:45
by pondera
No i'm definately neither of those things...and it's still not funny :)
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-11 17:03:17
by scrantoine
I'm a fan of sci-fi/anime/sword&sorcery myself and I found this to be a gut-buster. The thought of people doing this on a regular basis boggles my mind. Hobbies are one thing, but come on. I agree with Anonymous' response. Then again, some people will not be of the same opinion that it is indeed funny. No biggie.
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-11 17:44:29
by forge
I thought I was going to die from laughing so hard. You really can't go wrong with some fat ass throwing his balls around yelling "Lightning Bolt!", then screaming "Death!" and the circus ninja freak dropped dead.
That shit was extremely entertaining, though the actual content value was slim to none. Mad props to 'toine for finding that one.
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-12 14:32:37
by stale
I seen this already, but it's still funny. I mean, I loved most of the Final Fantasy games and Dungeon And Dragons: Tower Of Doom was awesome, but not once did I decide that it'd be a good idea to round up the boys, head out to the woods, dress up like morons, and perform the acts shown in the above video. If you ask me, I think the video also indicates some underlying homosexuality.
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-12 15:10:30
by Bittchee
I think it's quite funny but that might be because I hung out with Stale, Forge and Marasmus too much! ;)
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-12 19:58:39
by kmartcowboy
I will admit to doing such acts as dressing up in a cloak and running around the woods, however you would have to factor in Alcohol x MDMA x LSD x WackyTobacy x too much Diablo x more LSD and the fact that I am chemically imbalanced and divide by my urge to scare all the locals at an unnamed camping site with a machete and camp axe then add in the fact that I and several others had the idea we were doing the good deed of ridding said camping site of its demon infestation that actually turned out to be the resident racoons.
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-12 22:35:30
by ibor132
what the fuck did I just watch? some kind of fantasy nerd mating ritual?
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-13 00:58:58
by forge
alcohol and dangerously sharp weapons sounds like a plan, but i'm pretty sure i'd be the only one gettin hurt
Re: Lightning Bolt!! 2002-10-13 02:18:09
by claudi
That's almost as funny as watching vampire: the masquerade live action roleplayers. It's one thing to be an ogre, and another thing all together to squeeze your fat ass in to a skimpy costume and pretend you're a sexy vampire.