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FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!! 2002-10-10 20:18:34
by chevy
Well, we have broadband and of course my system is now starting to have major brain farts. looks like I am finally going to have to spend some of my hard earned unemployment check on giving Cervix an overhaul. I'm going to start with a new case tomorrow, since the power supply has been on the fritz for over a year now. Until I get enough together to completely rebuild, do you guys know of any kinds of conflicts I could be having with ... AMD400 k63, p5a asus mb, quantum fireball 6 gig hdd. I admittedly have much less sk33lz, and would apreciate suggestions on this matter and what to look into when I rebuild from the Vectorstar crew.

Re: FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!! 2002-10-11 09:59:30
by stale
DAMN! You're still running that old ass machine? Shit, that machine should be fine, it prolly just needs a good ol' format, you know?
Re: FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!! 2002-10-12 02:06:43
by marasmus
I'd expect that your motherboard is fine... RAM's probably fine too. I'd agree with frank that a good ole' format and installing as little as humanly possible will probably set you sahlid. But if funky shit keeps going on, that power supply would be my first replacement!

By the way, an Athlon XP 1600+ with fan and motherboard (Asus A7V133-C, old but it works) can be purchased and shipped to your house, for a total price of $135. It'll need PC133 memory (which i don't think you have), but that's also available for reasonably cheap at - which also happens to be excellent memory. 256mb sticks are like... cheap... and stuff. but if you would need new memory, you might as well spend a little more for a newer board that uses DDR SDRAM and also buy appropriate DDR RAM. MUCH faster.