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Thank ya Jesus!!!!! 2002-10-05 19:20:27
by chevy
We now have a cable modem installed and get about 651 kbps!!! If you think this is lame ask Marasmus where we live and he will tell you just how unbelievable this is. Wal-mart is 30 miles away but we have broadband, I hate rednecks!!!!;)

Re: Thank ya Jesus!!!!! 2002-10-05 20:48:58
by josh
Welcome to the future! I think I've heard you live in the middle of nowhere. Although you'd be surprised how few people have access to broadband. I know people who live in moderate sized cities with no option but dialup. I'm sure you're enjoying the speed. :)
Re: Thank ya Jesus!!!!! 2002-10-05 20:50:18
by vahman
You know what this means: Porn at high speed. Congratulations!
Re: Thank ya Jesus!!!!! 2002-10-05 21:12:29
by marasmus
OH MY GOD!?! you got freakin' cable out THERE?!?! Jesus christ, the 1/8th-mile power line from the road to your home was quite obviously run by hand (it looks it, in more ways than one), and you can get CABLE out there?!?! HOLY SHIT! that's SOO COOL!

you KNOW there's like nobody else at all on your cable node... cause there's like, what, no more than 20 houses within a mile of you anyways? the bandwidth is all to you, baby!

so you said 651kbps... you mean kilobits (like approx 70K/sec file downloads), or do you mean 651K/sec file transfers? If it's the first, that's about equal to 1/3 the MAX speed of cable here... if the second, your cable is 3 times the speed of the cable around here! damn!

So what ghetto instant messaging programs are you on these days? I gots to harass you some! (got some vacation time to burn! woot!)
Re: Thank ya Jesus!!!!! 2002-10-05 23:15:43
by kmartcowboy
That's kilobits per second, about 12.5 seconds for a meg I guess. Adelphia said that I could possibly get at least 1 meg a second, but not the way cervix is running lately. I need to totally rebuild my box. Oh, and come whenever you get the vacation time.
Re: Thank ya Jesus!!!!! 2002-10-12 15:14:13
by bittchee
I'm happy for you. Now you can download porn faster!
Re: Thank ya Jesus!!!!! 2002-10-12 18:55:34
by forge
faster, yes...perhaps. but it's never fast enough!