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HEY! FUCK YOU ;) 2000-05-13 02:13:00
by pogo
Fuck you. Thats all i gotta say, make a post with a picture of me being a retard (not saying that i am not ;), and don't expect something goofy on your site? Eat some shit. Fuck that, EAT SOME FUCKING GRADE A ELEPHANT CRAP. Fresh and squishy :). If you add yourself a user to some one's box, and it happens to be root, is it wrong?

Moral of story A). Give me a root password, and then attempt to piss me off, better expect something in return :)

Story B. I'm at the prom. Its all good...cept for one little thing. The DJ couldn't mix for DICK. Marasmus' car has better bass than this fucker could pull off with a fuck load of speakers. Something is wrong. No highs or mids also sucks. Finally, I catch a glimpse of two young males kissing, and a group of homosexual females kissing. Interesting...however, i thought i would die laughing when 1 female runs up to a normal couple in the middle of "BACK DAT AZZ UP" and starts dancing like a nut ALL OVER THIS GIRL. Then apologized, and went back to kissing the original girl. I almost shit a brick.

Moral of story B). If you have more inches to wang than you do computers in your house....can you still fit that dick in the back of a volkswagon?