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Pure Talent 2002-10-03 09:23:08
by stale
Marasmus, Vanity, and I went and saw The Reverend Horton Heat play the State Theatre last night, and I just have to say that bands with gimmicks cannot hold a candle to bands with talent. The Rev and his band rocked so hard that they didn't need a fucking gimmick, they were actually just so good that they kept the crowd's attention all night. They managed to get couples to start swing dancing in the mosh pit and everything, which is definitely something I've never seen before. So next time you go see a band like Mudvayne or Mushroomhead, think about the talent aspect and not the gimmick--you'll probably be disappointed.

Re: Pure Talent 2002-10-03 11:54:05
by josh
moral of this story...
talent > gimmick
Re: Pure Talent 2002-10-03 13:19:59
by kmartcowboy
Does the boomerwang count as a gimmick?
Re: Pure Talent 2002-10-03 15:20:57
by pondera
So were there people swing dancing while big sweaty fat kids elbowed them in the face?
Re: Pure Talent 2002-10-03 15:22:02
by stale
Pondera: Actually, yes! That's what was so strange about it. They were like agressively swing dancing with the fat mosh pit guys.
Re: Pure Talent 2002-10-03 15:24:26
by pondera
Re: Pure Talent 2002-10-03 15:30:41
by Anonymous
Is horton heat like a cat in heat? Meow?
Re: Pure Talent 2002-10-03 18:27:07
by marasmus
And there was this one kid, we'll nickname him "Cokey" for the remainder of this post, who was dancing like a fucking meth head from the time of the pre-opening-band-background-music until after the rev went off stage the second time, without stopping once! He was swingin' with this one girl so hard I thought they were gonna pass out from the G-forces of the spins they were doing. Holy shit!!
For like the last 45 minutes, there must have been like 7 or 8 couples swinging, DEAD in the MIDDLE of the fucking mosh pit! it was like they were coreographing their moshing into the rockabilly swing, landing high-spinning elbows into the moshers and everything! Absolutely one-of-a-kind. I doubt I'll ever see that scenario happen ever again in my life.

And the opening band, whoever they were, were actually decent. Sorta had a 50's rock retro style to 'em.
Re: Pure Talent 2002-10-03 21:42:40
by stale
I believe they were called something like Blue Flame Child or something.
Re: Pure Talent 2002-10-12 15:06:21
by Bittchee
The Rev is awesome live. I'm a little shocked that he played at the State tho.