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Minor Details 2002-09-24 20:51:48
by forge
So 21 came and went. Props to everyone, well Stale and Vanity, who actually gave 2 shits.

Re: Minor Details 2002-09-25 02:21:23
by caridwen
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-25 09:34:52
by stale
Yeah, just think about us everytime you lay some pipe up in that fake pussy we got yah. Wait, maybe that's a bad idea.
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-25 10:22:39
by bittchee
Hey Hey, I gave a shit! That's why I set my alarm to call you at midnight, FIRST, on your birthday. And as far as this weekend, well if I had known you were not doing anything, we could have hung out, cuz well as you know I recieved the same shaft from everyone!
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-25 11:44:01
by stale
Man, it'd be *SO* easy to comment on, "the same shaft from everyone," but I'm just gonna leave it alone.
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-25 13:02:03
by forge
Stale: Yea, I really dont wanna see your face in my mind when im fuckin some rubber punani.
I'll have to agree with ya on leavin that one alone too man, it might turn into some gang-bang bukkake festival or some shit.
Bittchee: Yea i know hon, it was just a shitty weekend all around, but at least i got to see Vargas get beaten bloody wit mah boi, im sure at some point ill get together with some people and do *SOME*thing, but that remains to be seen.
Everyone else: Suck mah dick, exactly where it's at ;)
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-25 16:56:12
by kmartcowboy
damn man, you're 21 now... shit, old, ugly and evil. That has to suck. Well someday when I have some money and come around longer than a weekend we'll have to get to gether and rub heads! Have I mentioned that mah penis is much, much bigger than yours>:)
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-25 17:23:10
by forge
As is the list of your incurable diseases im sure ;)
The Boomerwang won't be bigger once it stops working or falls off
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-25 20:35:00
by kmartcowboy
I know, yes, I have not always been with the cleanest on the planet... but unlike your "chasey laine ass-n-snatch" and your shiny chrome anus tickler they did have warm soft flesh... uhhh, and diseases. Hey, that must be why I been itchin'... IT BURNS, IT BURNS!!!!!!!
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-26 09:04:53
by stale
Chevy an' me are like blood brothers... except with yeast infections.
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-26 09:21:31
by vahman
If there was a line, you bastards crossed it way da fuck back there.

Anyway, funny shit.

Re: Minor Details 2002-09-26 19:31:31
by scrantoine
Happy birthday fucker! Check yo lawn for presents :). On a side note, I'm turnin' 21 this sunday. Werd....
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-26 19:39:39
by Vanity
Hey, was the boxing night the night I showed you my ass? Cause that kind of, in a very slight way, means you got to at least view ass for your birthday. Yay you.
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-26 22:09:43
by forge
Why yes, yes it was. And it was fantastic i might add. Mad props to bitches, especially Stale's ;)
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-26 23:24:50
by vanity
Thank you. I'm glad I could help make your birthday a bit better. I am of the opinion that you should have a bitch of your own.
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-26 23:51:39
by kmartcowboy
You guys should realize that Forge is now endlessly reaming the asshole out of a rubber pooty-tang with either vanity, stale, or vanity and stale in his mind. Personally I think this goes further over any lines I may have crossed by sniffing unnamed exbitches bra-n-panties:)
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-27 09:28:52
by stale
Dude, you should come down to Florida for a visit and then sniff the rubber pooty-tang. That would most certainly override any previous bra-n-panty sniffing.

Remember that time you put your dick in that rubber frog and then Fletch came by like 15 minutes later and kissed it?
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-27 10:30:37
by kmartcowboy
HOLY SHIT!!! I forgot I did that! Man I used to put my dick in everything. Remember the Tyrone Mall photo of the Boomerwang experience... I know that old lady does. Hey who has the pictures of my dang from Nicky's house?
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-27 10:45:35
by stale
AaHAAHaAH! I was just telling Vanity the other day about your Tyrone mall flashing experience. That security guard was way pissed!
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-27 19:50:46
by forge
Yea, and I'm sure the entire tiki bar from the holiday inn party as well as the rest of our friends were thrilled to see the boomerwang and then watch you hopelessly chase me up and down half the fuckin beach after concealing the dang lol
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-27 19:59:02
by forge
and FUCKoff chev, i've only tossed it to the rubby pooty twice and i had neither stale NOR vanity in mind while doing so. fuckin pervert =P
Re: Minor Details 2002-09-28 00:37:28
by marasmus
Hahahahahah!! *crying* OMG the memories are so great!

I remember there being something funnier than the tiki bar incident at the beachside holiday inn, but i'm not sure what it was at this moment in time. Hrm... I'm remembering something going very wrong at the Thunderbird hotel, a littler further down the beach... Something about being dick-out in a jacuzzi? Somebody help me out with this one!