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Absolute fucking idiot 2002-09-12 22:34:13
by marasmus
Some complete fucking idiot is trying to DoS us from his dialup in canada right now. ( at 10:24pm EST on Thu 12 Sep 2002

He doesn't realize that he has no skills to speak of. He doesn't even know how his quaint 'attack' has been defeated. Damn, I wish I had our new firewall in place so I could really fuck with him.
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Re: Absolute fucking idiot 2002-09-14 17:59:13
by Chris
If only that were a static IP, he would become such a target of entertainment for at least a short period of time.
Re: Absolute fucking idiot 2002-09-14 18:11:40
by marasmus
ah, it's okay. he probably escaped from his "assisted living center" and got on at some internet cafe for an hour before the nice men in white uniforms came and got him. :)

The small-peanuts script kiddies can't do anything to us... though the actually-skilled hackers could probably manage a few dents in our network.
Re: Absolute fucking idiot 2002-09-14 22:04:56
by stale
Yeah, but then you trace their IP address and have Forge and I show up at said hacker's house with baseball bats. Imagine how scared said computer geek would be at the sight of two guidos holding baseball bats with VectorStar shirts on :)
Re: Absolute fucking idiot 2002-09-15 19:15:27
by IronHonkey
I assume that said baseball bats are not refering to the johnson size statistics... for we all know that Forge was'nt blessed with the sausage gene.
Re: Absolute fucking idiot 2002-09-16 09:24:30
by forge
They don't call me The Big Irish for nothing ;)
Re: Absolute fucking idiot 2002-09-16 13:41:44
by stale
Yeah, Forge is a weekend fucker.
Re: Absolute fucking idiot 2002-09-17 00:06:36
by calamon
Wait . . . some kid is trying to DoS using a single dial-up connection? Can we start a fund to collectively buy this kid a clue?
Re: Absolute fucking idiot 2002-09-24 20:15:16
by forge
I was thinkin we can all chip in and buy him a hooker once he's done smackin his cocks or the collective cocks of all his "friends"
Re: Absolute fucking idiot 2002-09-28 22:27:12
by ibor132
DoS...on dial up...what the fuck? ill contribte to the "buy him a clue" fund.