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Anna 2002-09-11 20:15:56
by smokey
I used to drool over her in high school.  What the hell went wrong?

Re: Anna 2002-09-11 21:09:44
by forge
That's what happens when you swallow several small children and have a McDonalds(TM) in your living room B
2002-09-11 23:35:27
by jeremy
Tiz what happens when your tit size is larger than your IQ
Re: Anna 2002-09-12 09:17:11
by stale
Cocaine and old men.
Re: Anna 2002-09-12 16:21:15
by marasmus
I don't quite understand... have you lost your libido? Do you feel intimidated by your lack of arousal? do you need penis pills to get it going? If so, bone up on ErotixProducts by FantasyMan.
Re: Anna 2002-09-16 09:28:16
by forge
Thanks for the Advertisement there Marasmus. Would you be simply posting a product which you're fully satisfied with after rigorous personal testing?