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I want a mac 2002-09-09 22:46:36
by toby
Found a new website for ya.. MacBoy. Check some of the stuff out especially the fun forum. Although I found the Bill Gates switch pretty funny I found this much funnier.

Re: I want a mac 2002-09-10 02:27:31
by claudi
Speaking of funny, there's a song here in Australia, made by the Starburst candy company called "Get Your Juices Going". One of the more interesting sales gimmicks of our time, no?
Re: I want a mac 2002-09-11 21:14:45
by forge
Depends on which perspective we look at this from
your typical highschool teen-ager-in-heat might see this as being a rather keens sales tactic
...then again, someone dying of the shits might see it as a reason to simply stop watching tv and invest in a family pack of Charmin and a stack of stimulating reading material