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Webcam 2002-08-30 13:00:13
by pondera
Does anyone know who this girl on the webcam is and what bad thing she did?

Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 13:02:58
by josh
yeah, I'd like to know myself
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 13:04:16
by smokey
I posed this question a few weeks ago, but no one responded. She was up there like half naked at one time. Stale so gracefully flagged me as chester, but hell, she's got a rack.
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 13:09:05
by pondera
Yeah i saw that you had asked and no one responded. Half naked eh? Is this a regular occurence? VectorStar can now be called VectorDorm!!!
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 13:58:11
by stale
Either that or we can call it ChesterStar... yah fuckin' perverts.
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 14:17:08
by Anonymous your penis!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 14:22:27
by Anonymous
I like eating peanuts and carrots.
Sometimes I eat a lot, so my tummy looks like
a big ball, lol.
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 14:22:54
by pondera
Hey we aren't the ones that run the website now are we? She flashed earlier. Don't you need some kind of disclaimer for that?
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 14:44:25
by Claudi
Hey it's Claudi, I can see that my webcam has created a lot of interest. If you want to talk to me personally you can email me at
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 14:49:12
by pondera
New logo:

Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 15:02:45
by marasmus
what a cool cat. :) *cough*CHESTER*cough*
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 15:03:04
by Claudi
Ooops!!! I gave you guys my old email addy. The new one is Sorry<3
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 15:10:51
by Anonymous
That's not a valid email address Claudi
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 15:24:41
by Claudi
Your not valid asshole!!!
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 15:55:09
by jeremy
Another 13 year old with a webcam... this is more like for R. Kelly Networks.
Re: Webcam 2002-08-30 15:56:15
by pondera
Yeah...that would be the SAME thing!
Re: Webcam 2002-09-01 10:37:01
by claudi
Heh. That was NOT me. For starters, I wouldn't ever have an email address like I would never use more than one exclamation mark. I would never, ever type 'Your not valid asshole!!!', Even if, for some reason, I did, I would know that 'your' is the incorrect word. So, what did I do? I overdid my download limit, and got myself in debt. No biggie. I didn't realise I was being watched, or that my little comments made everyone so curious. Oh yeah, and the whole half naked thing earned me a pair of shoes and 50 bucks from a friend of mine. If I knew half the world was watching I woulda asked for better shoes!
Re: Webcam 2002-09-01 16:15:00
by pondera
If you are going to have a fit about the grammer, then you should probably learn how to spell "realize."
Re: Webcam 2002-09-01 16:57:07
by smokey
Hmmm... So what you're saying is, you get naked for money. :) You've got a promising career ahead of you for sure.  Just incase you needed some info:  The Stripper-FAQ, How to become an Exotic Dancer
Re: Webcam 2002-09-02 00:12:42
by claudi
Not really, Smokey. I was pretty drunk. Heh. And, Pondera, we spell things differently in Brittish-English. The 'z' in '-ize' words is 's' in Australia and the UK. That aside, spelling isn't grammar.
Re: Webcam 2002-09-02 13:30:32
by jeremy
You were drunk? You look like your 11
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 02:15:22
by claudi
I'm 18, which is legal in Australia.
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 09:08:41
by vahman
I read that FAQ Smokey, and besides the fact nobody would pay me to get naked, I think I would have a bright future.

Well, at least we are getting some posts now. For some odd reason, we are getting a lot of hits from this domain. Go figure. Oh, and Pondera, nice graphic, but you need to step up yo know what i be sayin'.

Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 14:28:08
by bittchee
Pondera, I think you're not really one to speak about chesters;Are you?!?!?! Obviously you were looking too ;)hehe
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 15:19:59
by pondera
I know you didn't go there!!! :(
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 15:24:43
by bittchee
I had too. You set yourself up for it!! Sorry hun-e :)
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 15:58:16
by stale
Damn girl, you just get all the Chesters. First Jay, now Pondera...
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 16:00:53
by bittchee
I guess so. Btw, You forgot to mention yourself!
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 16:01:33
by stale
I'm younger than you.
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 16:03:18
by bittchee
I was not talking about me!!
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 16:05:27
by stale
Hey! I've never actually delved too far into the realm of Chesterhood. Now my desire to acheive sexual relations with Clearwater High's entire cheerleading squad may be an entirely different story though...
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 16:23:50
by bittchee
Chesterhood?!? Is that like a religion?
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 16:26:38
by pondera
At this point in my life I wouldn't look at a youngin' 3 miles away with a telescope if you paid me 1 Billllion dollars!
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 16:33:13
by Anonymous
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 16:33:16
by Anonymous
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 23:13:34
by forge
Hey Stale, lemme know and we can make a drive-by at the highschool in a uhaul truck and just tag-team dat ass till the cops find us
Re: Webcam 2002-09-03 23:18:31
by stale
The good cops or the bad cops?
Re: Webcam 2002-09-04 08:52:49
by Anonymous
The bad cops... cause they'll join you and run a train on that cheerleadin' squad!