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Falling down stairs 2002-08-21 00:23:12
by toby
I was reading Penny Arcade and noticed this link. It is quite a interesting program.

Re: Falling down stairs 2002-08-22 20:55:21
by josh
pity comment
Re: Falling down stairs 2002-08-23 16:59:46
by stale
shitty comment
Re: Falling down stairs 2002-08-25 00:17:39
by josh
frank, you are the master of rhyme!
Re: Falling down stairs 2002-08-25 09:50:18
by toby
Did you actually get to see the program?
Re: Falling down stairs 2002-08-25 14:43:36
by josh
honestly? no... i need motivation to download anything.. what is it?
Re: Falling down stairs 2002-08-25 16:51:29
by stale
The program kinda rocks actually. I think my high score is around 55,000.
Re: Falling down stairs 2002-08-25 21:41:56
by forge
yea, i think ive hit around 68k thus far
that program is absolutely the shit
they love that shit at work too, its all about maximizing productivity
Re: Falling down stairs 2002-08-26 01:43:38
by Whitehat
Well, looks like some people found out how to explit an error in the physics of the game.

Apparently all you need to do it slam his foot into the ground and it can get stuck...

Re: Falling down stairs 2002-08-27 17:48:52
by marasmus
The foot trick is pretty cool. There's a good deal of randomization in the program, so it can take a lot of turns (even 1000) to get the perfect combination of stats to optimize your points.

But I figured I'd gloat since I managed to squeak by with a slightly higher score than WhiteHat:

He wouldn't even fall down the stairs, I hurt 'im so good!
Re: Falling down stairs 2002-09-05 23:58:12
by forge
I'll post a picture later, but 75312 would be mah highest score thus far =)