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A thought from a moron. 2000-05-12 12:52:00
by scrantoine
I haven't added anything to this site in a while and I just recently had an experience that made me want to share something on here. For starters, out of all the people who post on this site I am the least technologically-oriented. I have no problem admitting this, because it is the truth. Five years ago I went to a computer trade show and my dad helped my buy my first computer. I was scammed, of course, all people are when they are novices. Over the last five years I have been hanging out with stale, marasmus, ect. all the while improving on that original system and learning what I could from stale and mars when I could understand their accelerated computer jargon. I have been a casual user with a limited intelligence and I am comfortable with admitting I know relatively nothing. I do have a knack for computer art, but thats about it as far as talent involving computers goes. I am planning on getting my lazy ass to a book store and picking up some literature on HTML, since I need to at least learn something useful. Where is this story going? Excuse me, I lost myself there for a second, anyway, that was necessary to back up the following story so you can understand where I am comming from. The other day in Economics, a fellow student had to give a presentation to the class for a large grade. He chose "Buying a computer", which is a good topic because our econ. teacher is a moron when it comes to computers. Well, this kid was, to say the least, a moron himself. He did minimal research and hastily threw together some hap-hazard garbage for a visual aid. In a nut shell it sucked. Sucked badly. So our econ. teacher tried to help him out and started relaying his horribly next-to-nothing information on computers. This caught my attention because all the kids (with the exception of myself) were captivated by what he was saying. I realized that all the kids in this class besides me knew absolutly nothing about computers. This disturbed me greatly, so I raised my hand when our teacher was babbling about hard drives, and I started to correct his overly-large amount of errors in his little soap-box mantre. Once I started talking I couldn't stop myself, because I kept thinking about how sad it was that I was rambling on and on about what I knew and the kids regarded my like I was god. I am NOT god. I know NOTHING about computers, remember? So why the fuck am I up there telling them what I know and none of them understand a word I am saying? The answer is simple. MOST OF THE WORLD IS IGNORANT. The conecpt of someone like me, with my small amount of knowledge, getting up in front of a class of 30 some-odd students who have grown up in the "Age of Information" and mystifying them by only scratching the surface of the concept of computers horrifies me. Period.