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Hostile Takeover: #gothic, DALnet 2002-08-12 10:15:30
by stale
Here is a chatlog primarily populated by Marasmus and I where we have completely taken over the subject of banter in #gothic on DALnet. I hope you enjoy.

<stalemeat> i had to wax that ass before i went to sleep
<Severina> You waxed your ass?
<stalemeat> Severina: no, I waxed that ass
<Severina> which ass?
<stalemeat> that
= Severina/#gothic looks around
<Severina> I don't see it.
= stalemeat points in the general direction of his bedroom
<stalemeat> that ass
<Severina> Now which ass were you refering to?
<GSXR750_Punk> Asses?
<Marasmus_> the slapted ass?
<stalemeat> well, at one point in the night it became the slapted ass
<Marasmus_> isn't that the best kind?
<stalemeat> well technically, since i wasn't the first one to spelunk the
            taco, it has always been slapted since i've been spelunking
<Marasmus_> well, with a change of tense, it becomes the best... the slapting
<stalemeat> in fact, i believe i've only been privy to one un-slapted ass
            using that logic
<stalemeat> and since i'm not in high school anymore, pretty much every ass
            i'll encounter from now on will have been slapted prior to my
<Marasmus_> i was following the idea of 'slapted' not being an indefinite
            attribute, but rather a temporal state of being
<Severina> omg!
<Marasmus_> better said perhaps by 'recently slapted' ass
<Marasmus_> though I still maintain the theory that 'slapting' is better than
            any version of participation in 'slapted'
<Severina> What!?
<Marasmus_> we're speaking of slapting ass
<stalemeat> alright, i can go with "slapted" as being a temporary state of
            being; however, how long does "slapted" last?
<Marasmus_> Hrmmm.......
<stalemeat> actually, based on my experience, it will last until the receiver
            of D sleeps
<Severina> slapted?
<Marasmus_> I'll start with the proposition that "slapted" lasts until the
            participants bathe.
<Severina> wtf?
<Marasmus_> until sleep, until bathing... hrm..
<Marasmus_> or maybe until 'the glow' stops?
= Severina/#gothic cries
<stalemeat> no, it's sleep
<Marasmus_> Severina: "slapted" is roughly pseudo-hispanic speech for
            "slapped", which is pseudo-english slang for "fucked"
<stalemeat> for example, saturday when we saw triple x
<Severina> oh
<stalemeat> julie entered a state of slapted pretty much RIGHT as you came to
            the window...
<Marasmus_> *laughs*
<Marasmus_> slapted, or slapting?
<stalemeat> slapted
<stalemeat> had you come 5 minutes earlier...
<Marasmus_> distinctly different states
<stalemeat> regardless
<stalemeat> we sat around for 3 hours, saw a 2 hour movie...
<stalemeat> yet she STILL remained slapted that entire time
<Marasmus_> agreed
<stalemeat> the only thing that removed her state of slapted was a night of
<Marasmus_> i don't think sleep is necessarily a slapted-remover
<Marasmus_> for example, what about spittin' on it in the middle of the night?
<Marasmus_> let's say she doesn't even wake up
<stalemeat> well, perhaps it's not the only method of slapted removal
<Marasmus_> is she never slapted?
<stalemeat> well, that's a unique situation
<stalemeat> i've never had an experience where said other party involved in a
            "spit and run" scenario didn't wake up at some point
<Severina> thats retarded...
<Marasmus_> given
<stalemeat> if they don't wake up...
<Marasmus_> the goal, after all, IS waking them up
<stalemeat> perhaps it rolls over until they sleep again
<Marasmus_> because even if you slapt it and they pass out right afterwards,
            they're still slapted!
<stalemeat> i think that both parties have to realize that slapted has been
<stalemeat> and after that realization, slapted is held until said persons
<Marasmus_> hurm.... a convention of understanding, rather than an absolute
            state of being
<stalemeat> yeah
<Marasmus_> i guess the same quandary could be found with my bathing theory
<Marasmus_> say you're in the shower and are slapting (and hopefully not
            slipping and breaking your neck)
<Marasmus_> if bathing was the remover of the 'slapted' moniker, they'd be
            immediately un-slapted
<Marasmus_> but i don't think it'd be right to say they're not slapted once
            they step out the shower
<stalemeat> correct
<stalemeat> bathing does not help
<stalemeat> because slapted is based on an understanding
<Marasmus_> such ponderances make you wonder about the significance, and the
            tragic brevity, of being slapted
<stalemeat> bathing does not remove the fact that both parties understand that
            a slapting has occurred
<stalemeat> so even though said persons may be clean, they still will make
            references to the slapting throughout the day--it's human nature
<Marasmus_> did you ever notice how the verb 'slapt' is the same whether it's
            past or present tense?
<Marasmus_> perhaps it's a bodily-deformation thing
<Marasmus_> like, you remain in the state of slapted until the body returns to
            its 'normal' state
<stalemeat> that's only replenished by the healing that happens during rest?
<Marasmus_> which often includes some sleep, some bathing, and some time
<stalemeat> hmmm, understandable
<stalemeat> that may only hold true in cases where one is knocking the bottom
            out that ass though
<Marasmus_> like the FDD problem... it's just not the same right after
<Marasmus_> it takes a while before it hangs right
<stalemeat> well, i don't think knocking the bottom out that ass is an issue
            based on our conversation
<Marasmus_> it's sort-of understood
<Marasmus_> or at least expected
<stalemeat> one would have to figure that in order for sexual relations to be
            referred to as "slapting" in the first place, the parties involved
            would be readily open to the ass being knocked loose
<stalemeat> most of the "nice" men and women in the world would not refer to
            sex as "slapting" anyway
<stalemeat> so the issues of asses being knocked loose vs. slapted is moot
<Marasmus_> very concise and complete
<Sevin-away> My mom bought me lord of the rings..
<Sevin-away> has anyone seen it?
<stalemeat> Sevin-away: please, don't change the subject
<Sevin-away> The subject needed to be changed...
<Marasmus_> actually i think LoTR fits into this

Re: Hostile Takeover: #gothic, DALnet 2002-08-12 19:21:31
by smokey
Like the last comment Marasmus. Hell of a way to close, although I'm sure that wasn't really it.
Re: Hostile Takeover: #gothic, DALnet 2002-08-13 00:37:23
by caridwen
I'm having flashbacks to the good ol' days when stale, mar and myself would do that kinda shit. *sigh* so sad I missed participating.
Re: Hostile Takeover: #gothic, DALnet 2002-08-14 09:12:19
by marasmus
hahaah, that really was how it ended! Right after I said that, Sevin left the channel with the quickness of disgust. :) Since there was no one left to harass, we stopped :)
Re: Hostile Takeover: #gothic, DALnet 2002-09-02 01:06:00
by vrolok
This is one of those times that learning really is fun. The last line's hilarious.
Re: Hostile Takeover: #gothic, DALnet 2003-02-04 16:29:01
by succy
HAHAH!! That whole thing made me feel the need to bathe. For reals. *bathes*