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ANGST!? 2000-05-12 10:48:00
by pogo
This really is an amazing word... the same word means two DIFFERENT things :)

I recently became confused with marasmus' usage of ANGST. I became confused shortly after I read in a book on neurosis that ANGST DER KREATUR meant FEAR OF THE CREATURE. Can you see how I became confused? We all know marasmus has this crazy love for German stuff ;) and it seemed he was using the word 'angst' in the wrong sense. So I look up the word, and to my discovery, it also means a feeling of anxiety. Interesting!? hehe. Oh well.

As for other things, it's good to see forge alive and well. EAT MAN is the anime series of the month. And finally, I learned of a cool program that tells how much bandwith your network is using, and to whom, etc :). I am in a state of deciding the BEST way to make a program that sends data to another user via SPOOFED packets :) why not send files anonymously, never disclosing your real ip?! So what if the program requires an IQ? So what if you need linux? Who cares if you use windows? Wait..does that mean only smart people can trade mp3's? No GHETTO G's? Sounds like a plan to me?!

On one final note, the site Marasmus and myself we creating for a company has changed what the planned on doing...Marasmus will want to take a look. PROM TONIGHT! /me is gonna have the DJ play BREADFAN....can we say "KICK AND PUNCH PUSSY PEOPLE"!!! ;)