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New shit... 2002-07-28 03:39:01
by jeremy

Say goodbye to that ghetto assssss rack... VectorStar's new home:

Now do us all a favor... donate to VectorStar so they can get rid of some of that ghett0 ass shit!!

Re: New shit... 2002-07-28 09:44:45
by marasmus
Hehehe, you're so mean... :)
I'm ordering the new file server hardware today and tomorrow... When all is in and built, we'll be up to 6 servers. I really wanted to buy a switch or two (I don't like our network gear either), but cisco 2900 series are still too damn expensive. And I need new tires more than I need a cisco switch :)
Re: New shit... 2002-07-28 16:38:13
by jeremy
It's all good... the users need to help a bit.
Re: New shit... 2002-07-28 21:19:12
by ibor132
nice rack
Re: New shit... 2002-07-29 01:11:43
by forge
You know I'd help if I could but I qualify for food stamps as it is =P
Sadly I might actually see what I can get lol
Re: New shit... 2002-07-29 08:58:46
by stale
You just need to get a new job, not foodstamps.
Re: New shit... 2002-07-29 14:04:23
by stale
What's with the paper towels down there in the lower right corner?
Re: New shit... 2002-07-29 16:20:13
by marasmus
As Donald Duck once said, "Here, let me get you a towel."
Re: New shit... 2002-07-29 17:04:37
by jeremy
It took your ass that long to find something to poke fun at? Shhheeeeiiiitttt.
Re: New shit... 2002-07-29 17:29:04
by josh
where is our monitor? i don't see it.
Re: New shit... 2002-07-29 20:16:35
by jeremy
I sold it.
Re: New shit... 2002-07-29 21:27:43
by josh
Weak... What we gonna do without a monitor? Actually what's scary is Laird could get stuff done without the monitor. It's all up in his head.
Re: New shit... 2002-07-29 22:22:26
by jeremy
True... I am thinking about getting a better KVM so I can add Vector's stuff on to it as well. The one I have now is killer, but it is only a 4 port KVM.
Re: New shit... 2002-07-30 07:35:29
by josh
Dang, you're so good to us!
Re: New shit... 2002-07-30 11:06:53
by stale
Get a KVM with a head jack (similar to the one in The Matrix) so we can hook Laird's head up to it.