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NeverWinter Nights is Priceless. 2002-07-23 16:13:12
by pogo
Time spent driving to store: 45 minutes ( stopped to feed a homeless fellow).

Time Spent Pondering if the 16 Meg video card is REALLY required: 20 minutes. (Hey Dungeon seige ran well and so did gothic...)

Time Spent formating hard drive and re-ghosting to have a nice clean system for NWN: 2 hours ( i was busy playing mario RPG )

Time spent installing 3 disks of NWN: ~22 minutes

Time Spent downloading latest OpenGl thingy from some place: 2 hours ( ~ 88MB )

Time spent realizing i'd never play this fucking game because it was written by monkies: 15 seconds

Lesson Learned about video game companies and never buying another game again: Priceless.

Fuck every large publisher of video games on earth. Fuck them in their stupid rear ends. Gothic was neato the first time i played it, then it wouldn't play any more. Unknown errors out the ass. $50 down the drain. NWN looks cool and everyone says it is but i sure as hell can't play it. $50 down the drain. What? Super Nintendo was ~3.5 MHZ and seems to play just fine?!? HOW CAN THAT BE? OH YAH MONKIES CODE THE GAMES FOR THE PC. I failed to realize you have to have an IQ of 74 or less to write pc games and > 150 to write a console game. What was i thinking?

Ok So i'm done ranting about spending $100 and not using it to buy a damn athlon. If you are still reading this pile of shit, I'm moving on the 10th, and i am currently packing. If i have borrowed something from you, let me know so i don't pack it or put it in a box in the attic.

Re: NeverWinter Nights is Priceless. 2002-07-24 08:45:43
by stale
Are you kidding? Neverwinter nights runs like 200% better than any other game released recently (except for Warcraft III). They actually took their time to get shit straight instead of just releasing the game on someone else's patched up engine, so the game runs really well. You also have to consider that console game programmers have only one exactly specific hardware platform that they're writing their games for while PC programmers have to be able to support *so* many different hardware configurations. A SNES is an SNES, but god knows what people have in their PCs.
Re: NeverWinter Nights is Priceless. 2002-07-24 08:52:20
by marasmus
I will sustain my position of enjoying a well-written MUD over any of this fancy DX8 or OpenGL stuff. The problem is that these companies try to compete based on pretty graphics, sacrificing good gameplay to meet their deadlines. Once in a rare while a game with kick-ass gameplay will squeak its way into the market, and it (understandably) becomes the biggest game of the year. It just seems like there's a lot of crap to sift through (at $50 a pop) before you can find a decent game.

Oh yeah... the Final Fantasy crews are still way cool on my list... they always keep their gameplay good.
Re: NeverWinter Nights is Priceless. 2002-07-24 08:52:21
by pondera
Xbox is wave of the future! TH3 being the best game known to mankind.
Re: NeverWinter Nights is Priceless. 2002-07-24 09:16:43
by stale
I will still maintain that Warcraft III is one of the best games to come out this year. 1 CD, over 2 weeks of gameplay, and good graphics. I guess Blizzard had to do something after Diablo 2 sucked ass, huh?
Re: NeverWinter Nights is Priceless. 2002-07-24 09:17:33
by stale
Oh, and that's why you juarez before you buy, to make sure you're not wasting ~$50.
Re: NeverWinter Nights is Priceless. 2002-07-24 10:57:48
by Pogo
I highly doubt the two years was spent on developing. You also have to understand that DirectX takes care of all the hardware shit for you. Hence you don't really have to hit '8') Sound Blaster 32. The device enumeration is there mainly to look more professional...So don't let them fool you. And I stick by my statement that NWN is a pile of shit until i see otherwise. I finally got the game to sort of run on my notebook ( I know running games on my notebook is lame but hey every bitch has gotta play some games.) The wishy washy background was gay as all hell and the menus were extremely slow. UPLINK was written in OpenGL and dammit it ran ok. Wolfenstein demo ran fine. So just remember that DX8 is DX8 and is the same on all computers. Microsoft dumps a lot of time to make sure that it is all the same. I know cause I wrote some damn gay games.

Some one wanna post the required specs for Warcraft III?

Re: NeverWinter Nights is Priceless. 2002-07-24 15:54:12
by stale
NWN ran awesome on my box, but it is pretty intensive on the hardware. In order to get it to run to my standards at 1024x768 I have to clock my video ram to ~400mhz and the GPU to ~210mhz.

Warcraft III specs:

I have a copy of WC3 if you'd like to juarez before you buy.