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Software firewall that 0wns j00 2002-07-19 10:10:31
by marasmus
Those of you who use hippy store-bought firewalls can stop using your jip-joint specials and start using a real system now.

BBIagent is a complete super-pimp firewall distro on floppy that includes a web-based management console that puts Linksys, D-Link, and 3Com to shame. In fact, they even have a live demo of the management applet itself. This thing really kicks ass.

Beyond the immediately-seen simple stuff it can do, like insanely-easy port-mapping, port-forwarding, ICMP control, MAC address emulation, SYNflood protection, source-routing, DNS-proxy, portscan detection, and all the other normal features, it also does COOL shit like support built-in PPTP VPN tunneling, rules by day-of-week and time-of-day, live real-time traffic graphs, full custom routing control, complete "TOS" (traffic shaping), connection tracking for FTP,TFTP,H.323, IRC and talk, explicit congestion notification, and MSS-to-MTU locking in TCP. In other words, this is the kung-fu ninja of all firewalls, for free! And best of all, it's just as easy to use as one of those Linksys or D-link jobbers. All you need is a 386 or better with 2 NICs and 24+MB RAM. damn!

Re: Software firewall that 0wns j00 2002-07-19 12:09:29
by Pogo
I'm checking, I'm checking.....
Re: Software firewall that 0wns j00 2002-07-19 14:48:39
by stale
Does it restarts?
Re: Software firewall that 0wns j00 2002-07-19 17:03:08
by marasmus
actually, it doesn't 'restarts' when you make config changes (unless they're IP address changes, duh). that's one of the other super-cool things about it. It doesn't blindly wipe your state table everytime you change the config :)
Re: Software firewall that 0wns j00 2002-07-19 17:54:06
by Anonymous
Said something about router-router vpn was in the works but not functioning.
Re: Software firewall that 0wns j00 2002-07-23 10:28:50
by vahman
I like my hippy store-bought system. I just wouldn't use it for any incredibly secure network setup. That is like installing black-ice on a dual-xeon system, and putting that out in the DMZ to find Hax0rs.
Re: Software firewall that 0wns j00 2002-07-28 00:07:44
by stale
Damn! This BBIagent is the shizza. I just got it running tonight on some old junk hardware I had sitting around and in completely blows away my ghetto linksys router.
Re: Software firewall that 0wns j00 2002-07-29 09:09:54
by stale
Correction: This shit likes to arbitrarily drop my configs, but other than that it's tite.