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Fresh Ink 2002-07-09 00:44:03
by smokey
since you guys (and girl) are so nice i pulled it. i'll repost after it's all healed up for further opinions.

Re: As 2002-07-09 00:49:17
by Anonymous
Re: Fresh Ink 2002-07-10 06:02:19
by caridwen
hey! one of the chimps from old school planet of the apes!
Re: Fresh Ink 2002-07-10 11:45:58
by smokey
k, i'll have to post another pic when it not all red and swollen.
Re: Fresh Ink 2002-07-11 09:44:34
by Anonymous
That is the WORST tattoo I have ever seen
You should get a refund....and shit.
Re: Fresh Ink 2002-07-12 03:51:01
by caridwen
or maybe a wookie.
Re: Fresh Ink 2002-07-12 12:29:18
by vrolok
looks like man on the prune to me.
Re: Fresh Ink 2002-07-13 08:49:27
by stale
Dude, you guys are fucked up. Did anybody stop to consider how irritated skin gets after that much ink (especially color ink)?

Plus, our boy Smokey is a Paki to boot, so of course everything on him is gonna look a little dark. :)